$20 Bills and Pennies

Last year, a gentlemen sat next to me in a coffee shop and asked to read the paper on the table between us. It was not mine so I obliged, shoot, I would have obliged either way but I felt like I should speak to him. We ended up speaking for some time about life, values, religion, etc.

The one thing that I keep coming back to from that exerience is what he said to me in closing: ” In life, it’s easier to love a $20 than a penny. It’s similar with people. There are alot of pennies out there and not as many $20s. I think God wanted us to love the pennies just as much.”

Whether one believes in God, the Universe, Krishna, Buddhism, Taoism, whatever, I think love, treating others with loving kindness and embodying compassion is at the core of most teachings.

Working as a reader, I meet many people from all over the world. It’s been awesome to experience people lighting up, feeling empowered after I share with them the message I hear channeled or see in the cards. The last week has really challenged me though because I encountered some people who really thought of themselves as pennies…

I can look back at my life, this blog even to its start, and see how victim mentality, “penny-like” feelings plagued me, so I feel a deep sense of love and compassion for these people. In my journey, I have found my place of inner peace, I feel my inner worth, and I now see that reflected in the faces, the eyes, the beings of all that I encounter. So it pulls my heart a bit when I read, do my best to share the message that is coming through to share for each party, yet hear the ego, feel the sense of helplessness.

In the oneness that is life, we are all interconnected. In Buddhism, there is a teaching that links life like a giant net, each being like a knot. If one knot is weak, broken, the whole net is impacted.

I have always felt that we as a people were meant to fly. I have to believe that because it’s embedded in my heart. I’m only 30 and maybe I’ll get to see a great change in the world, maybe I won’t. The world seems to be changing in great ways each day. But today, where I stand, the feeling I’m walking through is one of sadness. Not for myself, I know what I feel inside, but for all those people out there that don’t see their true worth and think that they are only pennies.

We can be healthier. “Change yourself and you change the world.” Yes, I agree. My world changes from one moment to the next but we still share an experience with everyone else and the work will not be done until all beings are freed from such suffering.

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