A Couple of Books: The Bible, The Gita, The Sutras

I believe that there is an underlying oneness that links all traditions.

It is as though the roots are the Source/Spirit/Sacred/God/Universe, the branches are like religions/philosophies/practices, and the people are leaves.

I truly believe that the place we are all seeking within, through our various endeavors in life, is the same place energetically. That’s not to say that we all have the same lessons, the same path there, which I think is really what causes such confusion between faiths, beliefs. In this day and age, each person, each leaf, has its own branch to the source…

And I don’t understand this heavy-handed there is only way for things to work in life. This post is spurred because I had a conversation with a Christian the other day that boggled me. I shared how I did have my experience in prayer, in churches, but as soon as I related that feeling to being the equivalent to what I experienced in yoga, martial arts, meditation, I saw the eyes gloss over and the subject was quickly changed back to Jesus.

I have nothing against Jesus. I think Jesus rocked. So did Buddha. And Muhammad.

And Dude, Hinduism, high-five to that one. Hinduism sums it up pretty simply in that all things are Brahman (God) and gave people the freedom to worship the different manifestations of that (Shiva, Kali, etc.)

Then there’s Buddhism which is like oh-yay-er to me. Buddha comes to the world in many different forms, neither good nor evil, for Buddha just is.

And can’t forget my experience with Christianity for I was raised Catholic and I did have a most powerful experience asking to connect with Jesus.

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my, what I am? What does that make me?

I’m going to come out here and say: maybe, just maybe, I’m human. And so are you.

In Isaiah Chapter 2 of the Bible (Christian), The Diamond Sutra (Buddhist), and The Bhagavad Gita (Hindu), there are clear references to there being a path to God/Nirvana/Peace/Krishna. Different words describing the same inner place…

I guess my inner cynic wanted to take the stage today and in all honesty, though snarkily referenced earlier, I am only human. As much as I am of spirit, I am human, so my ego is kicking in here at the frustration I have encountered with close-mindedness, most likely because it reminds me of times of close-mindedness within myself.

So breathe in. Breathe out.

To that lady I met, I send you love and peace. You gave me another piece to my own puzzle and I thank you for the lesson which takes me one step closer to fully embodying peace.

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