The word “winning” is being thrown around alot lately because of Charlie Sheen and his campaign against the trolls. In the momentary experience, that is life in this body, what exactly is winning?

Courtesy of “Winning” is defined as:

1. the act of a person or thing that wins.
2.Usually, winnings. something that is won, especially money.
3.Mining .
a.any opening by which coal is being or has been extracted.
b.a bed of coal ready for mining.

4.that wins; successful or victorious, as in a contest: the winning team.
5.charming; engaging; pleasing: a winning child; a winning smile.

In the grand scheme, if the reality is within, the undying spirit, then what does it matter if we win or lose?  I believe that there are things we can do to create a holistically healthier world and I would dub that winning but really does that matter?  As much as my heart vibes with that, how much of my ego is invested there?

I don’t feel an attachment to the outcome of whether the world gets better or not today, my world gets better each day because I choose to change.  But the grande scheme’s going to be what it is and this serves as a great learning environment for the soul.  Acording to some lines of belief, if all were to become enlightened, there would be no need for birth or death since the life serves as a vehicle to work out soul lessons, to be freed of desire.

So while I think Charlie’s soul is trying to win, his ego is also winning with its hold, and in that regards, for whatever his soul is about, it’s really all a win.  Maybe this is why I go back to believing in love, an energy, a feeling.  Hmmm…  Each experience, even if it’s a metaphorical kick to the balls teaches and I enjoy learning so in a way I do feel love always, I do feel like I’m winning.

It’ll be what it’ll be.  I feel quixotic today so I’ll sign off here.


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