Ride the Tiger

As I walked home, I thought: I don’t have much these days but I am grateful what I do have and I’ve been successful at helping with their spiritual aka dynamic challenges/lessons.  So yeah stoked because I always dreamed of feeling peace and helping out other people.

I would then speak with the woman who I sublet from about this and she said: wait a minute, I know what you’re trying to say, but you have more than enough. All Americans do…

She was so right! I paused to look at the voice that made that comment and by whose standards was I even making that assessment?  Already this month, in less than a week, I made more money than all of February, which is less than I made before leaving politics but I’m much happier today than I was back then. So yes, I have a ton today!

In my Osho Zen Tarot Deck, there is a card entitled Success, which features an image of a person riding a tiger, that is walking along the globe, with streamers and confetti spilling from the heavens around them. That card’s meaning is to always ride the tiger, no matter the peak, no matter the valley, just ride the tiger.

Nice to be riding the tiger and to realize that in every moment, I have exactly what I need, whether it’s a peak or a valley.

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