The Lessons We Create

As I walk through my life, each experience, those moments when I go within and consciously seek to see what is being said to me as expressed by the Sacred, I find myself smiling or laughing half the time while balanced by a deep sense of sadness…

I do believe that we can fly in life, not crawl, and have written that many times. I have explored the extreme of dark feelings, the extreme of light feelings and my view at this point in my expansion is as follows:

Balance is one foot in the Light, the other in the Dark, knowing our inner truth is the peace embracing all the shades of both sides.

I am just a Human+Being. That’s enough for me. So I thank with a humble heart the great energy of this experience for all that flows through my life and shows me how I can grow more and more each moment, every experience, one day, this life, this time.

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