Black Out

“It shouldn’t take loss, it shouldn’t take tragedy, for loving-kindness and compassion to live freely in this world.”

Last night, a tsunami hit Japan after a massive earthquake. Panic, laughter, aloofness ensued amongst the many people in Waikiki where I was working.  I felt very calm, no intuitive sense about anything only calm…

Last month, my housemate’s psychic friend was visiting here from San Francisco and he said he didn’t know what but he just kept getting power outage, something big was about to happen.  As I went through yesterday, it was a total 180, huge high in the morning from a tattoo, great time with my teacher, then an awesome reading with someone who I feel is my next teacher, followed by the tsunami blitz.  By the time I got home, my teacher/student/soul brother would ask me what I felt, said he couldn’t read it. I watched as my boss cleared out our stuff at work to be on the safe side.  I got a text from my new teacher giving me the heads up.

I awoke at 3 am and it hit me that none of the intuitives can read what is going on and all I felt was a great calm…

I have been paying great attention to signs because of the great pain I experienced as I failed to pay attention to them before in my life.  As a result, I have learned to trust my feelings over my heart, not the feelings floating in my mind.

I feel that we are we are being given signs that expansion of consciousness is taking place. The awareness dims, black out, because people are being given a choice to change or be changed as that happens. Either way, it’s just an experience and ushers us to a higher level of consciousness, there is no good, no bad, only experience.   But we are given a choice on how to get there.

If there’s one thing I will posture on in this blog it is the quote above:

“It shouldn’t take tragedy, it shouldn’t take loss for loving-kindness, compassion to live freely in this world.”

We can choose to resonate with loving-kindness and feel compassion all the time.  To love fully is a choice, to strive to relate to another, to all our brothers and sisters is a choice.  We don’t have to be forced into a place to get this.  We forget this too quickly, get back to our paper chases, and tragedy strikes the reminder.  Nature will be nature no matter what but we can co-exist in a healthier fashion.

We have to wake up and remember this because if we don’t, if we continue to take for granted the blessings all around us, we get out of sync from the present moment and bottom line, who knows what is going to happen.  Life is too short to take for granted and though the Soul is ageless, is freed of the bondage from the emotional roller coaster that comes with the human experience, it’s still a human experience and we can feel pain, sadness, suffering so long as there is breath, as long as the heart beats.

Something is happening, sit back, observe, choose to live from the voice of the Heart, because it is the surest guide, is both the map and compass for it contains Love, the greatest of energies, that leads to Peace no matter what unfolds.

And there is alot of energy swirling these days.

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