A Few Things I Have Learned From Writing A Book…

A. That the list of things I made about what I learned in my 20s is readily being applied in my life. I’m far from perfect but eh, it’s the journey and I’ll get to wherever I get when I do.

2. Choosing to be loving has given me peace. I still feel the range of things b/c I am human, but I allow myself to feel fully and turn the page at a must quicker rate. The different experiences just show me that I have work to do within and its actually alot of fun learning more about who, what, why, I am and in turn finding how I relate to all people.

Thirdly) My life is pretty interesting. I wake up with no idea of how things will work, who I may meet, and what adventure will unfold. I feel very blessed to be alive!

Q. We are all just trying to find our way. There’s is  beauty in that which, imo, is of great of simplicity.

9. God is the Universe, the Universe is God, it really is all energy, the angry person on the corner yelling at the driver who was putting on make-up are expressions of the Divine, and I can take it in because it is a part of me, it is pointing out something to me about myself and none of it is good, bad, or otherwise, it just is.

XoxO ((Huuug)).  I am a Lion and so are you. We don’t have to be sheep because of previous conditioning.

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