“Change Change Change”

One day in November of last year, I prayed for some help, some guidance, a sign, as I had done so many time before since July, and it always seemed speak to me. I would wander into a tree with the graffiti words of “change change change” written in a turquoise paint.

I have always gravitated towards change, pursuit of being a better man, understanding who I was. I don’t know why, it’s just a big part of who I am, just like the spiritual/dynamic stuff, just like the big heart, just like the snarkiness, just like the writing, just like alot of things.

I have come to realize that change is about letting go of masks and being okay with what’s inside.  All that stuff inside is there for a reason and I feel like that reason is so that we can realize how similar we all are. As much as I may have an inner sage, I have an inner fool, not to mention the inner douche over there with the inner saint.  It’s just a part of embodying fully the energy of being human.

In my journey of change, ever since I first penned the Maxims of Delta many years ago, I have found myself to try on new things, let go of old, and in the process it has led me within. It has been quite a process, will surely be much more of a journey, but I am content with who I am inside, where I am today, and accept that this is all I got as of this moment. That’s pretty cool to me considering that I used to want to be anywhere than where I was at the time. Like they say, wherever you go, there you are and you know what, I like it here and now.

Have a beautiful day. Love, Light, Aloha to all the people in the world and those who are severely impacted by the events in Japan.

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