Energetic Matches

At the end of last year, one of my mentor’s “released me with love” and set me on my way, as she agreed in helping me get to a place where I could trust what was being guided from within by Spirit. A day later, I would meet Adya, the woman who I would call my teacher and she call me her teacher. “I was asking for a teacher, I knew you’d come along, just didn’t know you’d be so young.” her words to me when I asked if she knew she would meet me, as my first two mentors had known, so long ago foretold by a mysterious Roy from Maui, both knew they were to work with me.

Adya would tell me the other day (same day as the Tsunami in Japan) that I was ready for another teacher. This coming after the adrenaline dump from the sting of the needles for the third time on my ribcage (after swearing I’d never get another tattoo there the first time) and reflection on a channeled message from August 15, 2010: “Just love, always love, consider this your spiritual tattoo etching love across your soul.”

A few weeks ago, as Adya floated the idea out there about another teacher, as though preparing me, I put it out that I wondered who this person was and if s/he were going to come here. As I reflected on that, I recalled that I met every spiritual mentor or teacher that really worked with me was someone I had met here in Hawaii. So why not draw that person to Hawaii again? And a few weeks later, while doing readings at the Enchanted Banyan, in walks Phillip, here for three days to get away and do some work.

I used to think there were soulmates and the like. While the people we meet and form deep connections with can be considered soul mates, I feel more and more that it all comes down to energetic matches, vibrations, and presence.

I met another man a few weeks back, around the time Adya first brought up the idea of a new teacher, and I didn’t catch what was going on until after. Even though my crown chakra was blowing up, I let fear override and I didn’t say what I felt I should have. I tried to flag the man down when I realized what his energy was about but I could not find him, it sounds crazy, but it was almost as though he vanished.

I believe life in its simplest form is energy and that we can consciously or unconsciously tune into that energy. As I observe the world around me, see the similarities to previous sets of the Flow that I have ridden, I feel that something is approaching. Something is fast approaching in my life. What? I don’t know but I share because recognition of the present moment, how it relates, vibes, and feels might be helpful to someone else out there. I am content waiting as well because this adventure just gets to be wilder and wilder with each new moment.

Much love, light, Aloha to all the teachers in my life. I have not always understood your methodology or agreed with you but you have each played a great role in directing my focus within and being true to what’s in there.


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