“Iron sharpens iron. The character of a Friend sharpens the character of another.”

On one hand, it’s a fine line between losing one’s mind to the mystical experiences and acting out like Charlie Sheen. On the other hand, it’s also a fine line between being consumed by desire and balancing it out with a spiritual foundation (also see Charlie Sheen).

As a Human+Being, I find it ever important to check in with both extremes in order to find the middle, to feel grounded. I have lived a life of going from one extreme to the next, finding that the newest teacher I encounter and what they say is my truth, when in essence, they merely help to point the focus towards that summit of consciousness that Sri Krishna tells Arjuna about.  And I have a choice to apply what tools of theirs are applicable for the work of myself.

Maybe, it’s because it’s been a birthing process for me since last summer. Maybe, I’ve actually learned from the challenges of my 20’s, but I realize the following and feel at peace with it:

I am Human so desires will always come. If enlightenment is in my cards, it’s not now, so those desires are okay and happening for a reason, and they teach me more each day.

As a Being, I can open myself and go deep into esoteric mystical studies, have some very dynamic numinous experiences (which ultimately are purely subjective and cannot be explained) that also teach me more about who I am.

Grounding myself in both, walking a middle path between the two allows me to enjoy the fullness of this life, however long it may be. It also prepares me to journey further into Spirit, a journey that will never end for expansion is not limited to a set-period of time, expansion is infinite.

Thank you for another day, a new facet to the diamond of the collective experience that is this life.

One thought on “Grounded

  1. For this being my first glimpse at your blog, I am smiling because I might have taken something different, that I needed for my life.

    I remember being enlightened by Jesus, and years later enlightened by spirit.

    And then.. the human struggles came, I thought I was enlightened! But no, I threw it away, stopped my Yoga, and started drinking.

    Only very recently, I am beginning to see, (and now feel) exactly what you wrote. Grounding myself in both, Human, and Spirit, and knowing some days the scales might tip to one side or the other.

    I followed you on twitter, so I hope I will see more of your posts.


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