The Winds of Change

March winds in Honolulu are intense this year, far more intense than years past. The message I keep getting: “At last, the winds that I have been waiting for…”

The journey of the soul is endless but the journey in this body has an end. I started The Simple Voice 4 years ago in March, at time when I was taking a turn in my life. I had committed six months earlier to living my dream, whatever that was.

The road took many twists and turns, involved a great love, a great loss, and I realized this: my dream was to know me. It was never to be the greatest screenwriter, poet, writer, politician, martial artist. It was just to grow and flow.

As I look back at years of writing, take in the sum of my life up until this point, I have no regrets. My journey has led me to myself, the inner me, it has shown me that I am a writer, explained to me why I someday wish to be a father, and has given me an understanding as to why I wish to share my life with someone. I now have to tools that are most important to me for that and though I may stumble and fall, have total faith in my journey, and believe that I am being guided every step of the way.

I don’t know what the road ahead holds but I do know that we are given dreams for a reason and the Universe conspires in our favor towards achieving our dreams.

Thank you to all the people who have been in my life over the years and thank you Father, Mother, God, Akua, the Universe, Brahman, for crafting such a fine part, the only one I could play: me!

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