Violet Consuming Flame

“Don’t just rely on imagination alone, make sure you have the tools to help you.” ~ Chris

The other day as I arrived for a change in shifts with my co-worker, Chris, I asked if he had a message for me. He is one of those intuitives who just knows, as though he has a looking glass into my life. I speculate his read on energy is very advanced which is why he can pick up whatever vibes I resonate. Anyhow, Broseph tells me the above line.

Yesterday, a woman came by and told me about the Violet Consuming Flame. The Violet Consuming Flame was a gift left by a man known as St. Germaine. There are all kinds of things out there about him on the old Google so you can spock that out when you feel like it.

St. Germaine has been popping up all over in my ethers lately. My teacher, now friend but still a teacher (I know it confused me too), Adya, said that his being ascended and looks over Earth. The key thing for me and old boy is that he teachings are about alchemy.

Alchemy is the practice of turning a base metal into gold. I believe it is meant to be metaphorical and is the practice of how we can turn all things in our life to “gold” or see the golden qualities in all of life.

As I went over the Violet Consuming Mantra in meditation last night, and subsequently this morning, I felt similar to Khirtan chanting, silent meditation of the OM, and in prayer.

I hypothesize that if life in its simplest form is energy, then recognizing the familiarity in the energy of behind the meaning of different words (i.e. peace v. love), places (Hawaii v. New York), people, etc. can only serve in experiencing oneness. It would be too vast a post to expand as to why there are similarities with more words when really, quite simple,  it is energy, experienced as a feeling.

I think one day, science, religion, philosophy will all be viewed as hand-in-hand vessels towards achieving a fullness of spiritual awakening for the individual if s/he chooses. I think in awakening to the interaction of energy, that we can through conscious effort impact it, therein lies the alchemy of the spirit.

And life becomes golden.

Thank you for the Violet Consuming Flame!

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