Oh Yogananda

Paramahansa Yogananda is so my jam! I have read parts of his acclaimed Autobiography of a Yogi but its other work from his canon that has jumped out at me.

The following is from his Laws of Success (which you can also catch a preview of on iTunes):

“Your power is God’s power. Behind your mind, His mind. Behind your will, His will. When God is working with you, you cannot fail. Every faculty you possess will increase in power. When you do your work with the thought of serving God, you receive his blessings.”

I feel that Yogananda has already summed it up so eloquently for seekers of all countries, races, and creeds. The yogis in general were/are filled with such wisdom and I can see now why they are viewed as treasures of India.

I also really value the oneness of this type of teaching. I have always believed that at the core, it was all the same. Some people get all butt hurt over the word God whereas others get the same ouch over The Universe. Man, I think most of us that are here all want to get to that place, whatever you want to call it run by whoever it is run.

And the thing that I love most about what Yoganandizzle is saying, is that it’s really who we are. If we totally focus on serving within (I’d say listen to the simple voice of the heart where he says the still Voice of the Divine) and reaching out to help our brothers and sisters, we cannot fall.

Mahalo ke Akua for all these great teachers and for the unfolding of life as it does.

All things are Brahman…

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