Waste is all around.  It hangs out with despair.  They are my good friends.  Like childhood buddies that I see from time to time but I know very well.  I can’t cruise with them in the way that I used to but I still love them for what they are.  Great teachers, old friends, reminders […]

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rage is real so real, so real, so real it just wants to be acknowledged just like Love, just like every other feeling Rage is just as valid… Ignoring any feeling is an injustice to the human experience, it is what the Soul wanted in the first place. Rage is real. It is okay. I […]

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In Honor of Praise

Note: I write this on a day that for many is celebration. For me today is bittersweet. Last night, I learned of the death of a friend, someone I didn’t always get to see or speak with but who nonetheless touched my life very deeply. I cannot even begin to sort or say exactly what […]

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The Rate @ Which You Flow

“There is no too fast. There is no too slow. There is only what is and that is the rate at which you Flow.” ~ Delta I used to think I had to be over there, back there, up there, down there, everywhere but here.  I thought that I had speed things up to get […]

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“This is what I’m doing. So I’m going to do it because when it’s done, it’s done.” The title is only Devil as I no intent on speaking of the Devil in the form of the ego at this moment. My process “said” de-evolution to which I thought Devo-lution so this title fit best imo. […]

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A Thank You

Thank You for this breath That You’ve given to me. Thank You for this Heart That beats deeply, so deeply within me. Thank you for the circulation Flowing so freely. Thank you for the this skin, these bones, this Stardust making me, me. Thank you for this mind Such a beautiful mind. And Thank You […]

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Thoughts of Flow-cus

I was hit up with the woo-pow, who got you Now, yesterday. Last year, I’d a dream that I was to write two books. Well, seven months later… I hung out with Adya the other day. She’s about to go under the knife and she was straight up about wondering if she’ll return since they […]

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