LOA, Magnets, Insanity, Magic, Wow…

“Turn the music up, turn me down..” ~ Jay-Z

That line is from “What More Can I Say” by Jay-Z off the Black Album. As for the title of this post, what more can I say, man…

I do not even know where to begin. I guess I will start backwards since as we learned in Benjamin Button, life is lived forward but understood backwards.

Wow. Wow is all that I can say at this point. I would consider myself a student of life, have been dubbed a seeker by many people over the course of my journey. I have been told that I go at spiritual expansion aggressively and well, when that’s the case, when we choose to act from a loving place rather than fear, though life may not make sense, sh!t changes very, very quickly, and wow.

The Magic! Every day some pretty unreal things happen. I always wanted an adventure and the common way of thinking of that is to run off and travel or have some awesome job or experience. Dude, life is the adventure and there can be all sorts of magic, Light, Dark, Grey, etc. Someone once told me I made her believe in magic. I totally believe in magic now.

Insanity. I just throw this out because I am having the craziest time keeping up with all the changes. It’s an insane pace.

Magnets. We are magnetic! Depending on our vibe we attract a little bit of this, a little bit of that, just like magnets…

Which ties into LOA or the Law of Attraction. I was not a fan of The Secret, but as I have explored the other writings on the subject, I really feel the validity in it. All I have to do is think something and the Universe gives me a sample of it. Depending on my response, that will allow for me to attract or repel more or less of whatever the thought was.

I have come to find that there are a great many tools out there and it would seem that the best way to work with LOA, that works for me, is to meditate with a mantra, use a manifestation list, and find the love and gratitude in the different scenarios of my life. That last part being the most crucial.

There are many ways to look at life and I always likeda the Victim v. Creator analogy. At this stage of the game, I am looking at it from a standpoint of being a Creator and looking for the lesson, the blessing in each new experience.

So yeah, LOA, Magnets, Insanity, Magic, WOW!

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