Love Over Fear

“Choose Love over fear.  When we choose Love, we are without fear, we are fearless.  When we are fearless, we are One with God.”

In light of events of the world, I feel that Nature is giving us an option to choose how we are going to live.  Over the years, we have created weapons out of fear to protect ourselves.  Now it would seem that the same technology used to destroy is being implemented to protect.  I think we are making the turn to living from a place of love, as a collective people.

I strongly believe this is necessary.  When I reflect on the micro-system that is my life, every fear-based decision that I ever made did not serve myself, my loved ones, my community, the world at all.  Every decision that I made from a place of love has taken me deeper and deeper into understanding myself and finding peace everywhere that I go. Yogananda said “Change yourself and that is enough.” To keep changing and finding the way to fill love throughout my being while digging deeper to see the world through all eyes and from all perspectives helps me to be better.  In being a better man, I truly serve the world because I am giving it the best expression of myself.

“The greatest gift that we can give the world is the full expression of who we truly are.”

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