Relating to the Flow Consciousness and Awareness

I’ve been having this interesting experience recently in that I am increasingly more aware of the levels of consciousness in each choice I make, each experience I am having as it plays out. For simple purposes, I will put Love/Peace on one side of the scale and Fear on the other as I would argue they are the extreme opposites.

The fact that one possibility has the potential to manifest in life leaves it open for an infinite amount of possibilities to be put on the table and viable in coming into fruition. The reason I am writing this blog is because in my work with people, I have seen the Higher Self aligned with Love/Peace (and its homies, Gratitude, Hope) and the Lower Self aligned with Fear (and its cousins of anger and hate) pop up simultaneously in people. It’s as though I myself am in a place where I am being given a choice on which side to acknowledge within a person. It is cool in a sense, in that by sitting in my awareness, allowing myself to vibe Peace, I can interact within that energy in another being or experience as it plays out.

I was always sensitive to the energy of others and what I have noticed is that I can now see it on different levels. This particular experience is quite new, beautiful in that the expansion of consciousness is endless, yet it is alarming when it occurs. I am striving to live a loving and compassionate life so it is not challenging there, more so, it’s amazing how powerful our attention to different elements of the human experience can be, down to what we observe in others, our mirrors. In turn, it is even more amazing how we can choose to pay attention to which part of consciousness to experience. A friend recently shared with me regarding his studies on Buddhist meditation, that there are arguments that the ear can pick up a range of different levels of sound depending on the consciousness the listener is sitting in.

An example of this happened to me last week and again the other night. I have been subject to some dark energy. I realize that I have been paying attention to it and as soon as I decided to make a comedy out of it, the fear dissolved. I also have seen that my experiences are giving me information that I can in turn pass on to my clients because I can better relate to what they are experiencing, I can feel it, so no fear, no regrets to walk through it, though it was very dark, and very real on multiple occasions…

I was at work and a demonic looking dude with haunting red eyes and an evil smile rolled in to my space and stayed there until I laughed and had to raise my voice for him to leave. A few days later, I ran into this being who looked at me with the same eyes, same smile and told me that we can all be monsters to which again, I could only laugh. A friend was with me and didn’t hear that part which astounded me. My friend would later say he felt that the dude was speaking in tongues…

In the book Flow, the experience of the Flow consciousness is outlined. It details how the Flow can be arranged into an ordered set of pieces of information. I would expand on this idea and add that we can be subject to the Flow in all ways. Life can be seemingly random or chaotic, we can be creators or victims, feel love or feel fear. Most times we are at the whim of external things and slave to our thoughts. BUT we can choose to engage the process and Be the Flow, in turn watch it, feel the guidance out there in response to the questions we offer (even each thought gets an answer, entirely another blog, area of exploration), and eventually guide the process, which is staying within the Flow Consciousness.

If I had to sum this thought experiment up: Life is a product of where we put our attention. Place awareness towards seeing the love, the opportunity for growth, and the Flow can be quite enjoyable.

If all else fails, re-write the script so that life is more of a comedy rather than a tragedy or in my case recently, a comedy in place of a thriller!

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