Intuitive Consultations and Services

Intuitive Consultations

  • Highly sensitive intuitive will work with you on identifying the feelings you are feeling at a deeper level, help you to identify the source of your wounds, and take the steps in healing yourself on a deeper level.

Intuitive Development Training

  • Learn different methods to open the Channel to your Higher Self
  • Receive training, tools, guidance on how to protect yourself while opening up and learning to travel life in balance while feeling the Light and Dark energies that exist outside
  • This process will help you to sit within your Heart and hear its Voice, which can assist in making the way through the Flow of life more smooth


  • Individual Guided Meditation to connect with that deeper part of you
  • Group Meditation for enhanced peace and connection in a group setting
  • Free-Flow Meditation, learning/moving with the Flow, an optimal level of consciousness where things transition easy and effortlessly

Spiritual Counseling

  • Over eight years of counseling experience
  • Worked with people of all ages from around the world on psycho, social, emotional, and spiritual issues
  • Licensed Minister

Aloha ke Akua!


Available for in-person meetings for Psychic Readings in Hawaii and Intuitive Consultations online or via phone

3 thoughts on “Intuitive Consultations and Services

  1. Weird…I never got this response. I think I’ll be signing up for a lot more than this. I need some blog training too apparently. lol. I see you have pay pal now! Whooo-Hooooo….I need an appointment.


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