Ruthless Compassion

I was cruising with Adya, my former teacher/always going to be my teacher/friend(which is probably more all-encompassing) and she shared with me why she wears black. In the order that she belongs to, black is a symbol of Ruthless Compassion.

I first heard of this expression in 2007. It was a crazy tale of standing up on a post with a dagger dangling between a naked someone’s legs. That was an extreme ritual of focus but long story short, the concept is not meant to be viewed as just being a happy, happy, happy, joy, joy kind of deal. It’s more in line with practicing loving-kindness, forgiving others, but in a way that allows for true growth. It’s a looking out for oneself and for others from a best interest for all in involved kind of deal. And that can involve saying some things that other people don’t want to hear because not doing so could be enabling something destructive.

I had an experience with this today (I think, I’m still piecing it together). A gentlemen came by and I could feel his angst, see the different levels of emotion fluctuate, hear the different voices keeping him from peace, in a sense, felt that he lost hope, felt his struggle.

I felt guided from within to speak to him and he was kind of a dick about it. I wasn’t trying to solicit, I just follow and go with guidance. So I sat down and spoke my from my heart, rather than avoid, and it opened the conversation further. From there, I felt like we connected and were able to converse.

Ultimately, I know that I am peace as an energy and can experience that so it doesn’t bother me. I share here because it’s like Yogananda said “Change yourself. That’s enough.” I agree and I feel good in that I won’t lay down and get pummeled by people because of their projections onto what a word means. And the flipside of that, even more so am I committed to finding a way in which to communicate more effectively so that I can find the common ground, the peace, that I believe exists between different parties, regardless of background. And be conscious of my own projections onto situations…

I say it all the time, life in its simplest form is energy and that can be felt. Those feelings in turn can help us to see we are one rather than so spread apart b/c of views. Shoot, I hope I keep changing, expanding, growing, seeing, and thinking in different ways. If I am not, it means I’m done.

LOL, LOL, LOL. I look back at the last four years of writing and I see that life was giving me lots of doses of Ruthless Compassion so that I would keep growing and not think it was quick and easy.

And with that, there lies another thought experiment, putting words to feelings in order to better realize what is going on.

2 thoughts on “Ruthless Compassion

  1. Very good. You seem to posses very strong empathetic abilities that are evident in your writing. Your approach is very clear with also a very “real” way of presenting it.


  2. Much Gratitude my Friend! I appreciate that you find it “real” as I have always wanted to share what is inside in a way that others could relate to.


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