An Untitled Poem (About Some Sh!t)

The Caterpillar crept into the cocoon, dead, dying, thinking it was over, ready to go down that Rabbit Hole into the unknown.

Who would believe that the process would be one of Transcendental Love and Ruthless Compassion working in unison.

But, the Butterfly that emerged was a mufu’in WarBird/Lion/Wild/Masterful One with a war cry from the depths of all the Hearts chambers.

And the gentle Spirit within just smiled because the Beautiful energy that emerge from the carcassed mess of a cocoon, from a life spent rolling in some Sh!t, from the Pressure of Life, made this being a Diamond.

A multi-faceted Diamond.

“Yes.” The Higher Self smiled, “It is Now that I have arrived.”

One thought on “An Untitled Poem (About Some Sh!t)

  1. God is everywhere my dear friend! I’ll attend a conference this Saturday about the butterfly…

    and what God showed me earlier today before coming upon your words…

    Psalms 31:25 She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.

    Love your poem. But, I love even more the fact that you’re always right on TARGET!


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