“Change yourself.  That is enough.” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

Yogananda is the man.  Hands down.  If I may opine, and I will, he has strung together some wonderful teachings, in a simple fashion, that are applicable regardless of creed, and cover all the bases.  Like seriously, he has enough discussion on God and Jesus for the Christians and oneness, reincarnation, etc. for everyone else.

As I continue to pursue my own change, each day, sometimes multiple points of expansion throughout, I realize how stubborn and set in my ways I was.  For wanting to be out of the box.  I totally boxed myself in.  For believing that we are meant to fly in life, I didn’t even allow my wings to spread.  It was always my own cage, the worst cage, the cage of my mind.

I always jumped around too.  First a cage of fear, then into the cage of love.  Or bad, or good.  Whatever b/c I realize that everything that happens, happens, and that is okay, the moment just is.  Everything, as it is, is okay. Breaking up can be devastating and liberating.  Death can be filled with sorrow and transformation.  Every possible expression is within each moment and we choose how to view the moment. And that is okay.

I like okay versus peace, b/c though I feel peace, peace is hard to relate to.  But most people can relate to okay because it’s a base point.  For example: “How are you feeling? Happy, sad? Nah, I’m okay.”  The extremes keep us out of the okay-ness vibe.

In reality, Light and Dark sit next to one another.  Good and Bad live on the same block, in fact, they walk their dogs together at night after work.  Point being, the moment as it is, is completely okay.  It is where our awareness is directed upon the different elements within each moment that impact the interpretation of the experience.  So for the hippies, it is all sunshine and rainbows.  For the fear-mongers, the world is going end.

We cannot change a damn thing about the world but we don’t have to.  We need only change ourselves by allowing the okay-ness of the moment, allowing the balance of nature to be as it is, present, always.

Thank you Yogananda and all the people I meet each day, old friends, new, for all the teachings you share with me.  I feel Okay and that makes me stoked.

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