Thoughts of Flow-cus

I was hit up with the woo-pow, who got you Now, yesterday. Last year, I’d a dream that I was to write two books. Well, seven months later…

I hung out with Adya the other day. She’s about to go under the knife and she was straight up about wondering if she’ll return since they are putting her under. I felt something very different from this woman, who’ve I only known 5 months but feel like I’ve known since my soul began. For the first time, I felt like there was a sense of fear.

As much as we are souls, we are still subject to all things on this plane. To see this magnificent woman, my teacher, my friend, my student, be so open, calm, yet still vibrate the feeling I’ve known all too well at times, I felt my own vibration grow, to share the strength I’ve found because of her unconditional love, support, and encouragement. I found the roles reversed…

So as I awoke yesterday, I was hit with more purpose than I ever felt. A purpose I had not yet found within myself. I will finish the book, the book that has been gnawing at me since small kid time, the book that I’ve fought and crawled in order to walk, the book that has given me wings, that has allowed me to be whole.

The book with a message that I’d always felt yet lacked the words, lacked the experience, until now.

A Call to Love is a part of it. It will be continued as I have much done on it but I realize the poem that is to complement it. I realize the philosophy that is because of it. And I thank all the parties involved in helping me write it.

For it was answering a call to love, continuing to choose love, that I found any peace. It was through this 9 mos. odyssey of following dreams that I found my love within and it is through love that I am okay.

Hello World! I bring to you The Maxims of Delta as they were always meant to be…

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