“This is what I’m doing. So I’m going to do it because when it’s done, it’s done.”

The title is only Devil as I no intent on speaking of the Devil in the form of the ego at this moment. My process “said” de-evolution to which I thought Devo-lution so this title fit best imo. The reason de-evolution popped in to my cellular brain phone is to be explored today…

What type of evolution am I even talking about to move back from? Honestly, I am in a place where I see it all sitting side-by-side, hand in hand, if anything is going elsewhere it is how I view the world.

The non-conflict that I find myself in, is one of what to do?

I enjoy writing, helping people, living, traveling, etc. But that’s It. That’s all that life is. It isn’t about accomplishments though that is a part of It. It isn’t about relationships though that is also a part of It. It is about all of It. About the holistic system, in the body, the community, the countries, the world, the Universe. It is all Sacred.

So feeling strongly about this, can see how it all fits together in that way (mind you I am not saying I see, know all, I just reached a place where it isn’t just an intellectual process to write this, I am relaying an experience as best as I can). As It all fits together, what should I do. I can do anything. What do I want to do? Many things…

And that is where the de- part of this equation fits. We have evolved into doing everything that others say while not listening to what it is inside, what it is that we want.

I grew up hearing: get a career, retire, save for rainy days, be afraid, what if, there is only one way, you can’t be who you are, etc. la la la

And I bought hard into it and was miserable.

Tons of things that I had been told and tried to mold myself into, which wasn’t what was going on inside of me but really pissed that part off.  All these things don’t matter it is all a part of the grand Divine Comedy, the Universe, God, the Middle Way, more words for describing It on this level of conscious experience.

War, not great, but it’s still going to go down, so why worry?  Natural disasters, waste of time to worry or fear, if they happen, they happen.  Death, Yogananda called it the only Holiday we all experience, so for sure we should celebrate it.  Being alone, we only fear it because we have been told a lie that we are not enough as we are so we look into others to be that which fills us, when really others are just reflections.  Bad childhood, everyone is scarred in childhood and parents love as much as they can, that’s how it is.

Desires, feelings, thoughts, they all come and go in each New moment, New Now. So walk through what you do, as you do, engaged and both detached b/c whatever it is that you’re doing is It. And It is all there is.

One giant mirror. One grand reflection. With cracks in the glass, smudges here and there, and beauty throughout it all. That’s It. That’s life.

I spent so many years escaping into extremes when I knew all along I desired balance. And balance is Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Love and Fear. It’s feeling it All, allowing the expression as it Flows through you, and yeah. Bam!

Cause when It’s done, It’s done.  Great wisdom that.  Thx Tune.

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