The Rate @ Which You Flow

“There is no too fast. There is no too slow. There is only what is and that is the rate at which you Flow.” ~ Delta

I used to think I had to be over there, back there, up there, down there, everywhere but here.  I thought that I had speed things up to get to some point in time and felt like the Rabbit in Alice and Wonderland, like I was late for a very important date, that I had an appointment to keep.

I think I get what that appointment is.  It might sound simple.  It is intellectually something that can be grasped but to understand, it can only be felt.  It is what Eckhart Tolle wrote about with his first book, The Power of Now, and what countless other philosophies, teachers, religions, etc. have tried to explain in more words.  It is the Tao, it is the Christ within, it is the Buddha Consciousness, it is all things and no-things.  It is the moment as it just is, realizing that this is where I am, nothing before matters, nothing that is coming matters, I can never know, I just have to be where it is that I am, trust the feelings, listen closely to the subtle prompts and yeah, keep walking, because every moment I am present, I am Now on time.

(At least on this place plane since only here do we experience time.)

Throw your Black Flag up, for it is Black, Black is the Dark Night of the Soul’s Light!

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