Enter the Tiger

the Poet

that Outlaw Visionary within

the Soul, it is stretching

and yet again

shows me





A Few Things I Learned @ 30

So last year, I made a list of 20 things that I learned in my 20’s.  Well, here are a few things I learned @ 30:

  • Enjoy the moment. Because it is so true that you never know when something will pass, grow, die, leave, breathe, smile your way.  Each moment can be amazing in showing the depth of how far you’ve come.  And see how much more there is to go…
  • Love anyway. It’s easier to just love than it is to be butt hurt about circumstances.  It feels better as well.
  • I am a giant kid. I feel like I was able to recapture much of what I lost from childhood.  It occurred to me as I considered how excited I am over everything and that as adults we only really high-five little kids.  And I’m pro high-five.
  • The strength of the Spirit gives confidence. This one seems like one of those obviously in life we should be confident but just because it is obvious doesn’t mean it’s easy.  I look at 30, my whole life, see how I’ve been through a variety of things and walked away a better man each time and that made me feel good about my perseverance and strength.  I may have fallen alot in my spiritual journey but I never gave up on it.  I was close, I came to grinding halts but I still kept it as a central part of me and in turn I feel rewarded for that.
  • Kids give me much hope. We tend to look around us at the world and get caught up with what’s going on.  I’m not saying to ignore but I look at how amazing so many of these kids are and I can’t help but believe that the world is going to be amazing come the next generation.  I’m still committed to giving as much as I can so that those guys have a solid foundation to build upon.
  • Own your feelings. In the Census, me and Kyle ‘Ice Cole’ Higashi used to say count it when someone signed up for a test.  Well census the psyche and find out who you really are.  Then own it!  It’s all you.

Clip From It’ll Be Okay… (This is the Remix!)

A Shout Out to my Teacher/Homie, Adya.  Big thx Grandma Universe!  Big thx!

God was in that Threesome

So this is the book where I get to share more about Adya and the spiritual stuff we discuss.  I was remarking how awesome it was to complete the first book, see how I had no beef with my family, that my stuff was all me and how I realized that not only genetically am I like my parents but I inherited a number of their traits and I’m really down with that.  So Adya being Adya goes: Exactly my Dear-uh.  Your parents done got together, your Mom gave the egg, your Dad the sperm, and God your Soul, Dear-uh.  God was the other member of that threesome.

I am always surprised by Adya which amazes me more and more each time.  As I mentioned previously about mirrors, Adya is the perfect mirror for being out there.  The same day she made the above comment she was talking about how she and I were an odd couple.  She’s 72.  I’m 31.  She’s from New York.  I’m from Hawaii.  It’s a funny pair to see around I’m sure, now that I think about it.  Adya is one of the most honest people and what I like the most is that she doesn’t have time for the bullshitting.  I don’t either.  I spent a lot of time doing that and I am not going to use, I’m still young anymore because the years fly by.  My calling at 23 flew by to 30 and I could finally feel what it was like to be mindful.  Again, I’m not totally out there but I have experienced it.  I’ve experienced things that I can’t explain and to have someone like Adya in my life, it helped me to understand that what I was going through was in fact valid.

It’s all you my Dear-uh, she would say.  And it is.

Note: you can find more from It’ll Be Okay… here.

Something Something about Eyes

Eyes, they say are but windows you see

windows into the deep recess of the Soul

into a place where only the thread woven by

Spirit can touch…

Eyes, genuinely open

yet with a hint of uncertainty

for the road ahead is unclear

don’t worry, you’ll make it…

I can see the glimmer

of Light as it is kindled

in the Eyes

of You.

It is that glimmer

of Light as it is kindled

in You

that will Light the way.

Through the Dark

Though it may be Deep.

Awaken the Night

Where the True You is asleep.

The Importance of Dreams

“Just when I thought I was out.  They pull me back in…”  Michael Corleone, The Godfather Pt. 3

So I’ve been thinking about retiring from the Psychic game.  Kind of like a few years back I retired from writing commentary to focus on poetry (that lasted a few months).  Well…  See above.

On my birthday, May 26, two children from Arizona, A.J. and Ashlee (‘Two E’s” she made sure to say), came by and asked how much.  I read kids for free because it feels right for me.  They sat down and I asked their names and what were their dreams, something I never did before.  I don’t know why I did that but I did and I wrote it down in my journal.  I asked A.J. what sport he played because I knew that he did.  He said baseball and said he wants to be a Pro Baseball Player and Ashlee wanted to be a Cheerleader (she doesn’t see it yet but she can also be a CEO, it was in her cards).

Well I read them and it was cool to say the least and A.J. offered to give me a dollar.  That’s alot for kid and I appreciated the offer.  My closing words to him were: write your dream down and look at it twice a day, focus on it, and you’ll get wherever you want.

I entertained, I joked about how I wanted to be Indiana Jones, a Pirate, or Pro Wrestler as a kid.  I also added my fourth dream of helping people.  Well, I’ve come to the conclusion was that my dream was to see that all of life is an adventure hence the action oriented ideas and because of how my life has unfolded, these gifts in writing and intuition, I can help people.

Later that night, a douchebag reader who dangled money in front of me but I speculate his goal was to get me out of the Tree came by and that was interesting to say the least.  What I took from it all is that I have a gift and while I may not be a millionaire (yet, I will have the experience when it’s the time), I am there not just for me, but there to give to others.  My whole life I wanted to believe it was possible to do something I loved that was fulfilling and would help others. I thank God that I found two in writing and as a psychic.

My boss, Zabia, suggested I get a book and keep track of all the names and dates of birth of people I read.  Last night I did that and wrote:

*A.J. Major League Baseball Player

*Ashlee Cheerleader and CEO

Below that I wrote: I did all this work on myself for them.  Then I drew an arrow pointing up.

I did that because I believe in dreams and we need to add to the message.  I’m not saying what I think is better.  I just think it’s an appropriate time to add more flavor.  I made a video recently and shared it with my Dad.  His words: I like your philosophy Kiddo, much better message than what I heard, find a job, work hard, contribute to society.

I think that message his generation heard holds true, it just needs an adjustment: work hard at finding you, create a job that you love because if you’re stoked, that will contribute to society.

No sooner than I finished writing down in my book the names of A.J. and Ashlee did I look up and see them.  They came to say good-bye because they didn’t know if they would see me again.  A.J. had the second strongest handshake I ever felt, I give him a few years and it will be the strongest as he was still young.  The first was my Grandfather who passed last year.  His last words: You remember, Young.  You remember.

I believe the purpose of this life is to remember that the Soul is quite powerful and we are here to live in this dream fully because it is just a blink, just a stroke of the brush.

Thank you A.J. and Ashlee.  Thank you both very much.  That was the greatest birthday gift ever to meet the two of you and realize that there was a purpose to this whole thing I’ve believed in for so long.  A.J. would come back again by himself to say good-bye again and man, it was like everything came full-circle.  I don’t know where my road leads but I’ll keep taking it all in.

Invisible Thread

Today I awoke and I was all about getting the Acai Bowl from Lanikai Juice.  I mean I was bout it bout it!  Well, messages from The Universe,  Grandma Universe, that is, and her Invisible Thread had a different idea…

I got downstairs to the street and heard: McDonald’s.  I was like what?  Really?  No…  I crossed the street, Acai on the the brain and I got there to see a huge line.  Again I heard: McDonald’s.  I was like okay, when I am Mindful and pay attention to the prompts, something always goes down, I better listen.  Usually not what I would have thought but the pleasant surprises of being in the moment are usually quite remarkable.

So I walked down the street, thinking I would just pass by.  Then I heard: Eggs.  I’m like great.  Now, I’ve had much experience listening to messages and following the Invisible Thread and I know it is important to pay attention.  So I tabled Jason’s agenda and went with Grandma Universe’s directives.

I walk in McDonald’s, probably the second time this whole year.  I don’t eat Fast Food much these days nor am I much of a meat eater for a few reasons.  I walked in and waited in line.  I got to the counter and noticed the clerk was wearing a star pendant in a heart.  She seemed rather unhappy so I decided to compliment her on the pendant.  The smile that she let out was stupendous.  She was beaming, like she could not stop.  I commented: see the star is sparkling just like you.

Now as much as I wasn’t that interested in McDonald’s, to see that woman smile, was well worth it.  I’ll follow the Invisible Thread for that any day.

A Meeting with “Sir”

As if my life isn’t already an adventure…

Last night I celebrated my birthday @ work, turning 31, after a crazy 30th year.  It was a cool night, not only did I read cards, palms, and energy for peeps but I also gave “fortunes” (souvenirs I made with different sayings).

Be sure to check out the mix-tape look of It’ll Be Okay… etc. etc. super long rest of the title and peak at this from another Project I’m working on about Grandma Universe and based on some true events:

A Letter to Grandma Universe and “Sir”

I also had a visit from a gentlemen that only wanted to be known as “Sir.”  He’d popped into my space a few times trying to get me to leave the tree.  He was always pushing money on me, always implying that there were greener pastures elsewhere.

Well listen up “Sir” because I know you are out there.  I wasn’t scared, you can get behind me because I got Grandma Universe.  Your time of pushing fear is over.  I am not buying it.  Nor am I buying that you were trying to help me. Good mask though.  I used it, it was filled with hurt.

And guess what Bro because we are all her Grand Children you know?  She never stopped loving you. Never will.

So, if you want a lesson, I’ll be glad to facilitate that.  As for me taking lessons from you.  No thanks.  I’ve rolled with fear for a long time.  I’m sticking with Love, homie.  And I might be doing this card reading thing a bit longer even though you didn’t want me to.  ; D