A Few Things I Learned @ 30

So last year, I made a list of 20 things that I learned in my 20’s.  Well, here are a few things I learned @ 30: Enjoy the moment. Because it is so true that you never know when something will pass, grow, die, leave, breathe, smile your way.  Each moment can be amazing in […]

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Something Something about Eyes

Eyes, they say are but windows you see windows into the deep recess of the Soul into a place where only the thread woven by Spirit can touch… Eyes, genuinely open yet with a hint of uncertainty for the road ahead is unclear don’t worry, you’ll make it… I can see the glimmer of Light […]

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The Importance of Dreams

“Just when I thought I was out.  They pull me back in…”  Michael Corleone, The Godfather Pt. 3 So I’ve been thinking about retiring from the Psychic game.  Kind of like a few years back I retired from writing commentary to focus on poetry (that lasted a few months).  Well…  See above. On my birthday, […]

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Invisible Thread

Today I awoke and I was all about getting the Acai Bowl from Lanikai Juice.  I mean I was bout it bout it!  Well, messages from The Universe,  Grandma Universe, that is, and her Invisible Thread had a different idea… I got downstairs to the street and heard: McDonald’s.  I was like what?  Really?  No…  […]

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A Meeting with “Sir”

As if my life isn’t already an adventure… Last night I celebrated my birthday @ work, turning 31, after a crazy 30th year.  It was a cool night, not only did I read cards, palms, and energy for peeps but I also gave “fortunes” (souvenirs I made with different sayings). Be sure to check out […]

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