I feel it building, erupting, no it’s not erupting
No, not yet, but it builds, it expands, it’s like,
It’s like an itch that you just can’t scratch
It’s like I only got to put the bucket of water down,
Down for but a hot minute
And then it’s back to the hot mess,
The hot mess of the ever-swirling, ever-changing
Expansiveness, the energy, the energetic vortex.
I feel it, I feel it all around me. I feel everyone at

I feel Nothing.  Hear only a voice.

A voice: I am That.

Cool. Awesome.That’s great…

This hot soup I’m swimming in
Is bubbling, boiling over.
I’m ready to explode.
To blow up.
Ha. To blow up.
When I think that I think
Back to the Grind.
The Fantastic Voyage is to Hustle Hard.
I needn’t fret.
I needn’t worry.
I am calm Rage.
I am calm about Sweet Death.
It’s Love anyway.
Just Love.
That is all I am anyway.

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