How You Going To Market…

I get asked a list of questions regarding how I plan to market my book.  Good questions I must say.  If you look at my posts about the book, It’ll Be Okay…, I have taken a “Mix-Tape” approach because I believe that if you observe successful systems, you can take elements, make adjustments and apply them to whatever system you are in (it’s systems theory really).  So as crazy as it sounds, I’m using Hip-Hop as a model.

In Hip-Hop, artists release mix-tapes, which are usually raw, imperfect for pre-release.  I have released an unedited part of the book, in essence a raw track from the book.  I have also released a polished portion of the book, one of the stronger chapters, Relating to Death, like a single, before the rest of the book.

For any agent out there, sign me.  Let’s do this!

Until then you can support the cause to publish by hitting the donate via PayPal ( button.

Mahalo ke Akua (THX B 2 God)!  And chee huu to all of you!

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