Last Letters

Following up the section on Death, in my new book (It’ll be Okay… Healing Amidst Living, Loving, and Dying) are my Last Letters.

Here’s one of them.  Note: I wrote these letters and that section at a time when I was putting the pieces together surrounding alot of experiences with death.  Stay tuned for more “tracks” from the book.

To my Children:

Well, hopefully you’ll get to read this seeing as how you aren’t even here as of this writing.  Within my being, I feel you are near, I can feel your souls out there.

Let me just start with sharing that I always wanted you.  Can’t say why, don’t question it anymore, I just know it to be true.  I hope you know how much it is that I love you (and you’re not even here).

I have ripped open my psyche and I have also given it many hugs.  I have gone through many changes because I wanted you to have something better than me, even if that means that I’m just the best that I can be.  It is important for me to give you the best of me.

Life is a challenge at times.  It’s filled with many ups and downs.  But there’s so much beauty in that, some spend their whole lives never seeing or allowing the beauty in life and her elegance, her storms.

I hope this is just a first letter of many more to come.  I hope to hold you through those ups, be there to help you back up after those downs, but I know not when or if those experiences will be found.

So in closing, I say this, I’ll love you and support you no matter what.  We may not see eye to eye, as generations rarely do, but it is my hope that question the simple voice of your Heart, you will never do, because though I may be intense at times, I will always honor what you feel in your Heart.

So long as your Heart beats, so long as you’ve a breath, I hope you find the joy that comes with each moment’s death, because rebirth comes, and it’s all only for so long.  So play, have fun, put your worries down.

Though my body will be/is gone, this Love, the energy of it, so true, will always exists for you.  It is in living for you, preparing for you, that my life feels complete, as in I finally get a sense as to why I’m here.

LOL, if it’s in the cards and you do arrive, I’m sure this long-winded bit will make you laugh and if you’re anything like me, cry.  So finally, as with all things, this letter will come to an end, and I leave you with this Kenyan Proverb:

Treat the Earth well.  It doesn’t belong to you but was loaned to you by your children.



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