Retiring from the Pyschic Game…

So I am contemplating retirement from the Psychic Game, thinking about it for a bit.  The Game is just not the same, n’ah mean?  But last night two women came in to give me a couple ideas which got the wheel spinning…

I meet all these Intuitives and Psychics who travel around the world off of doing it and they’re like: Bro, do this, you’re on point, you can do it.  Well,  I’ve got a Virgo Rising, so the random wandering doesn’t quite work for me, because a part of me values stability and I have to honor all parts, not just the crazy side (I know, I rant about why I don’t really vibe with Astrology myself yet there I, the Gemini, in my Sun Sign power month, go on about my Virgo Rising, maybe it’s because I’ve got the intense Scorpio moon going on).  Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to and will be traveling around the world, giving giving readings/consults, giving talks about Okay-Ness.  But this is like a trade that I can do and I’m switching the gears to be available on a limited or by appointment basis.  BECAUSE you know what they say about doing what you’re passionate about and it works out when you stick with it?  Well Psychic Readings are not my passion, it’s just something that I can do well.  Life is my passion.  Living, the experience is my passion.  Writing truly is my love..

No disrespect to anyone.  None whatsoever, I just lived my life with people telling me what to do, I’ll listen, I’ll take care, and of the advice I was given last night, I’m going to keep on going with what I’m doing in the Arts because that’s what I feel in my Heart and I truly appreciate the ideas you’ve given because it’s given me another vibration and it’s forged the resolve that much more.

My Heart has carried me this far, every time I was so close, right at that place, right about to take the step and I let my fear hinder me.  Well, not anymore.  This is it.  This is it because it has to be because it’s Me, I’ve arrived.

The whole point of being called on a spiritual journey, as I was so eight years ago, was to realize this: I’m a Writer.  I’m an Author.  I’m a Conscientious Observer of Life.  That it is possible to live our dream, to sit within that part of us that is pure potential, and have the faith, the persistence, the drive to make it happen.  Three people looked at me in awe when I told them I finished my book in three weeks, writing/editing, then I started the next one.  One woman told me that gave her hope. Another woman asked me if it’s been hard.  Yes, it was at times, but it brought me here, introduced me to my Soul, the Inner Me, a place I met when my brain was jarred a few years ago, and a place I have returned.

I let money and the safe bet keep me from taking the leap before.  I found success, did all those things and they were cool experiences, but never the experience that resonate from deep within.  The thing that kept me so unsettled with the mediocrity of my existence.  Well, I took the Fool’s Leap of trusting the nocturnal dreams, the intuition, following the signs because fear hindered me for too long, torn what I loved most out of my life.  It all seems so long ago so there’s no turning back now really is there?  Plus it’s brought me to a new person, a person that looks so different, at times I don’t recognize who is looking back in the mirror.

I’m okay with my Virgo, earth-based wanting stability, to help people, etc..  I allow that.  And I know whatever I choose, It’ll Be Okay… (shameless plug for my book) because I am Human.  I know that.  But I’m also a Being of pure energy.  And I’m ready to allow that part of me to walk in this existence.  That’s what this whole thing has been about.  It’s never been about anyone else though I think I have some things to share that could help.

It’s been about me. Because I believe that we can fly.

It’s about my children, so that they have a better life from the start than I did, not because my life sucked, but because I believe we are here to create a healthier world for the future.  I am committed to giving my children that.  So I’m not about to be a hypocrite to them.  I’ve been hypocritical at times in my life but I refuse to do that in regards to the most important thing, what I believe in the most, Family.

I also believe in that part of us that carried man from sticks and caves to guns and man-made caves.  The thing that’s going to take us further than we can imagine because it has for so long.  It’s our Love, it’s our creativity, it’s our ability to rise above and live fully, to impact and create a healthier world, all based on ideas, things that their inventor, the person who came up with them, tapped into the ether and believed in wholly, things that saw so many fail, so many fall, only to press forward and finally make it in that eleventh hour.

The secret, written in all those books, preached through all of time is about trusting that still, that simple voice with the best ideas, far more powerful than that of the mind, that simple voice of the Heart, choosing to love, to do what’s loving to the holistic being for we are all One.  And that is what healing is about.

I’m not saying, I’m throwing caution to the wind.  I took my lumps that way.  I realize the value of planning.  I have a plan.  I have a solid one.  One that I believe in.  One that I don’t need anyone else to believe in for me.  No, not anymore.  I know this place, this place of who I Am, and why I Am here this time around.  I know the steps I’m taking this time where in the past I spun around in circles, I backed off as soon as the pressure kicked, as soon as I couldn’t see anymore, as soon as the doubt kicked in.  I’m a Human.  I’m a Being.  Whereas I was too much of one and not enough of the other in all those instances, I’m bringing both to the table this time.

So, get your readings while you can people.  Take advantage of the opportunity to see me in the Tree.  I’ll be there a bit longer but I feel the energy calling once again, I can feel it carrying me.  The winds that I was waiting for, for so long have already arrived, and now I feel the wave, I feel that it has arrived, the wave of what it means to truly be alive, to truly live.  It was always there, oh so close, I just didn’t know how to combine it all to see it.  I felt it, but now I recognize it where it is.  It is Here and Now, where it was all along.

That wave that I have been calling on, praying for, asking for, for oh so, so long but it’s only been a blink, yet really that Now, each moment is all there is anyway.  I’ll enjoy it every step of the way.  I’ll enjoy every reading like it’s my last, every moment like it’s the last, because when it’s done, it’s done, and I’ll tell you what: I am ready.

And so are you!  Which is why I did this whole damn thing in the first place.

Just Be. Just Breathe. Don’t Stop. Just Believe.



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