Exclusive New “Track” from It’ll Be Okay…

Note: What’s good World!  JMAW here.  Still writing.  Made it this far, can’t stop, won’t stop (just ask Diddy, jk).  Anyhow, I thought I would put another “track” from the book, It’ll Be Okay… (long winded rest of the title) out for you to spock.

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Relating to Loss

I’m going to get rolling on this area since it was the feeling of Loss or Being Lost that kind of prompted this whole thing anyway I imagine.

Loss is a very powerful experience in life.  It’s not only in the form of Death but there is job loss, relationship loss, loss of children, loss of home, loss of pets, there is even hair loss.  I’ve experienced every one of those except hair loss.  My friend (he’s editing this wink, wink) says he made a deal to go grey with his hair in exchange for not losing it.  I’ll just grow mine and see where that leads me.

Loss is just one of those things that is all around.  I am not a fan, let me tell you, not a fan.  I can accept it though.  I learned a few things about loss along the way.

Grieve.  But before we get to grieving…

When I was a kid, I was super sensitive.  As I’ve mentioned, I discovered the reason behind that is that I’m Intuitive and can really feel what is going on around me.  Trouble was I didn’t know totally what was going on in me so I didn’t have a steady place to stand.  When you don’t have a solid place to stand it’s easy to get lost in life period, so when something creeps along and is taken away, it’s pretty lame.

I think most of us feel lost at times, not really knowing where to go, who we are, those big life questions.  I’ve grown up with this dialogue all around me so it doesn’t seem like anything new.  The kids I see around these days are freaking brilliant so it’s neat to see how getting older shows you a lot about who you are.  Maybe I was that brilliant too, I just couldn’t observe it from the other side.  Kids are amazing!

I don’t feel lost anymore.  I don’t know what I’m doing beyond being alive and that is filled with a variety of things but I really don’t feel lost.  I guess that’s because I feel like it’s very important to be well with me, me inside.  All the great teachings and every tradition seem to talk about things like that.  Being who I am must be important, eh?

But I am many things, play many roles in life, and sometimes those things get taken away, those roles change.  So what do you do, solid or not?  I say grieve.  Holding that stuff in just festers and ends up kicking ass later.

And move on.  My Mom worked at Sears after graduating college for like 36 years.  She went into the management program and didn’t look back.  She left earlier than she expected because the culture there was changing and I speculate her soul felt it was time.  She would email me and tell me that she didn’t know who she was at one point after this happened.

I remember seeing how frustrated and mad she was.  I can see why that is now.  She had given a huge part of her life to it and it didn’t end the way she thought it would.  But, as life and her will would have it, I got to witness my Mom’s rebirth.

She started doing this summer program with Kamehameha Schools and decided that she would go back to college to get a degree in Hawaiian Studies.  She was so kick-ass at it that the Professors would ask her to go to grad-school and people would call her to get notes.  She opted to keep going with her creativity, making cool shadow boxes, and working in the yard.  LOL, she loves working in the yard.

It was hard for a bit for her but she resiliently turned it around and she’s a really different person.  It could have gone a different way.  She could have stayed angry about it and done nothing.  But she didn’t and I’m proud that I got to witness such a strength in my life to move through loss of one role, the end of one phase of life, and transition into another.

So Mom, next time you ask me, when I am getting a job or why I am pushing so hard on the writing, I’m going to say I got it from you ; )  Joke, much love!

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