A Meeting with “Sir”

As if my life isn’t already an adventure…

Last night I celebrated my birthday @ work, turning 31, after a crazy 30th year.  It was a cool night, not only did I read cards, palms, and energy for peeps but I also gave “fortunes” (souvenirs I made with different sayings).

Be sure to check out the mix-tape look of It’ll Be Okay… etc. etc. super long rest of the title and peak at this from another Project I’m working on about Grandma Universe and based on some true events:

A Letter to Grandma Universe and “Sir”

I also had a visit from a gentlemen that only wanted to be known as “Sir.”  He’d popped into my space a few times trying to get me to leave the tree.  He was always pushing money on me, always implying that there were greener pastures elsewhere.

Well listen up “Sir” because I know you are out there.  I wasn’t scared, you can get behind me because I got Grandma Universe.  Your time of pushing fear is over.  I am not buying it.  Nor am I buying that you were trying to help me. Good mask though.  I used it, it was filled with hurt.

And guess what Bro because we are all her Grand Children you know?  She never stopped loving you. Never will.

So, if you want a lesson, I’ll be glad to facilitate that.  As for me taking lessons from you.  No thanks.  I’ve rolled with fear for a long time.  I’m sticking with Love, homie.  And I might be doing this card reading thing a bit longer even though you didn’t want me to.  ; D

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