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Relating to the Unknown

This is the best story I have.  Maybe not, but life shifting fo’sho and a big reason why I wrote this book.  When I turned 30, I made a list of 20 things that I learned in my 20’s and put it on my blog: www.TheSimpleVoice.Com (shameless plug for a blog I kept for many years).  Number (I don’t know off the top of my head, maybe you should visit the site…) on the list was about worry.  I estimated that I worried like 7.5 years or maybe it was 8 in my 20’s.  I’d look it up but I am not using the Internet and honestly, I don’t want to uber edit.  This book is never going to be perfect.  Books never are for writers.  For me, I change so much, I have so much to say, I just got to do it and be done with it.  And I’m okay with that.  I’m going treat this like it’s my first album then get back into the studio to record the next one.

Worry too much, did I, as Delta, would say.  Delta’s a character I encountered at 24, shortly after being told I would have a higher calling…  That’s quite the story and talk about not knowing what was about to go down.  So now, I will tell you about Roy…

This is from my other book, A Call to Love, Chapter Uno:

“Excuse me.” A short, local Asian man said.  Before I could answer, he began to squeeze past me to the window seat aboard a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Hilo to Honolulu.  I was attempting to absorb the concept of Mindfulness as presented in Thich Nhat Hahn’s book Peace is Every Step, the big point of that book being to just breathe and smile, a concept that was simple felt so good yet was so hard to practice.

I looked up and was able to breathe, forgot to smile, but somehow found the presence of mind to move aside for him.  I took some satisfaction in that because it took me until the age of 11 to really be able to ride a bicycle.  I was not natural at very many things in my body growing up to say the least.

I felt a deep peace while focusing my attention on presence to my breathing, a peace that lasted so briefly, but filled me in a way I had never been filled before.  The smiling was kind of foreign to me.  I had spent much of my adolescence and early 20’s in depression and self-loathing so this smiling thing was something I had not practiced with regularity since childhood.  I used anger to protect my deeper feelings from various accumulated baggage in life.  Not that I had a bad life, I just didn’t understand this conflict that I had while trying to live in this world.   I can recall many times resenting having feelings, despising my humanity.  I hated feeling because I could always feel so much pain, in myself, in my family, in friends.  I did not understand it worth a lick and being sensitive wasn’t cool for a 20-something young man so I wore my many masks.  Factor in that I had no idea of what my purpose in life was and I felt lost and frustrated with my existence.

The flight from the Big Island of Hawaii to Oahu was an hour at most and it usually felt much quicker for me.  I was so programmed to getting to point B without enjoying the journey it took to flow from Point A.  This day was different, I closed my eyes to practicing my breathing and smiling.

I awoke to the Captain’s closing remarks.  “Please adjust your seat backs and tray tables.  We’ll be landing shortly.  On behalf of the crew, thank you for choosing to fly Hawaiian.”  I stretched and felt like the man next to me was watching me.  I looked at him and he told me, “That’s good you read books like that.”

“I’m training in Muay Thai and I really enjoy the philosophy behind it.” I replied excitedly as Muay Thai was something that I loved for the energy it gave me.  The practice made the ugly bruises and lumps all worth it.  I gazed past him and could see the city where I was born, Honolulu, through the window beside him.  I always enjoyed flying into Honolulu at night because the outcropping of buildings and lights between the valleys looked like a modern day technological lava flow.

The plane made its descent as usual.  There I sat.  Breathing and…

Shock, fear raced through me as the plane made a sharp turn upwards.  I could feel the concern growing in the passengers near me as panic spread throughout the aircraft.  All except for the man next to me, I felt his calm energy.

The plane leveled off and I made a weak joke about the experience, humor being one of the things I had learned to mask my true emotions.  The man smiled at me and said, “Don’t worry, it won’t be 40 or more years until you start to question if your work here on Earth is over.”

“What the…?” I started to say and stopped mid-sentence as I started to get a strange tingling all through out my body, a feeling that I have since learned means there is something greater at play.  “My name is Roy.  I read spirits.”  He said in the same fashion as someone who worked in an office would.

“Um, hi, I’m Jason, I read books as long as they aren’t for class…” I thought to myself.

“We haven’t much time.  I’m connecting to Maui and we’ll land shortly.”

I was taken out of my thoughts, back to the plane that was still in the air and wondering what had just happened.  So much for mindfulness, in a few short moments, I’d gone from breathing and smiling to “May day! May day!” to the noonoo noonoo Twilight Zone.  “Sorry for that folks.  This is your Captain, we were having a little trouble with the landing gear.  We’ve adjusted the problem and will be on the ground shortly.”

I had read and heard about psychic people but never paid it much mind.  Magic was only for the fantasy novels I grew up with and movies as far as I was concerned.

Roy interrupted my thoughts and started on “You have a very calm and peaceful spirit.”  I laughed and replied, “You know, it’s funny, I get like that only in times of emergencies at work.”  I was working as a Resident Advisor at the University of Hawaii and was bombing in school and relationships but great at conflict resolution, addressing suicide attempts, and breaking up fights.

“It’s because you care.” He continued.  “Jesus cared too, he cared so much in fact that he gave us the greatest commandment, the commandment to love above all else, and would later give his life for what he believed.”

I nodded my head in agreement.  At that time, I had just changed my major to Horticultural Business, I had like 5 majors, but I always gravitated towards Religion classes and I could get down with Jesus though I’d walked away from Catholicism shortly before graduating from high school.  For some reason, it didn’t totally fit me and I vibed with elements of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam.  It just all seemed like it was saying the same thing to me…

“You have the chance to be great… or mediocre.  The choice is yours really.”  Roy seemed to finish right as the plane landed.  My brain was about to explode from this experience yet my heart finally felt okay like I had been reminded about some long forgotten truth…

The plane rolled to the terminal and I asked Roy a few more questions that I cannot recall.  I found the coincidence that he sat next to me quite interesting.

“There’s no such thing as coincidence.  Every thing happens for a reason my young friend.”  Roy replied.

We gathered our things and walked off the plane, the crowded terminal abuzz with people coming and going.  I felt like I was in the Matrix.  What a shocking experience!

We shook hands and before leaving he looked at me again and said, “In your life, you will have two guides to mentor you, a Hawaiian man and a Hawaiian woman, like modern day Kahuna.  They will help you start along your spiritual path.” He paused, allowing the words to sink in.

“Breathe, Jason, just breathe.” An inner voice guided me.

“The Spirit of the Hawaiian Islands, Akua, has a higher calling for you.”  He smiled and like that he was gone.  I don’t recall if I watched him leave or if I could even believe what had just transpired.  After all, things like that don’t just happen, do they?

I left and headed back to the University of Hawaii, to get back to work and life.  I practiced my breathing and smiling, began to high-five trees to remind me to enjoy life around me, and left the meeting with Roy at that.

Kind of a trip of a flashback, huh?  Dude I bet if you looked back you’d find conversations of similar tones, maybe minus the words spiritual calling but you catch my drift: random stranger coming in at random time to say random thing which has a profound impact of the most random type.  The messages are all around us really.

Roy said a great many things to me, obviously.  The bit about being great or mediocre really stuck out.  Stuck with me every day since.  Doesn’t haunt me but I do want to be great at being me.  I would be happy to hear if just one person feels that way because of reading this.  I would be happy to get laughed at too.  I would be happy even if this doesn’t make it off my computer because life’s a pretty passing thing anyway, I wouldn’t hold on to it, and I have learned that’s the secret to life, the only thing that really matters about the Unknown:

It’s a Divine Comedy.  Don’t hold on or hold back.  Live. Love. Laugh.  And gosh have fun and play!  Cause when it’s done, it’s done.

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