Invisible Thread

Today I awoke and I was all about getting the Acai Bowl from Lanikai Juice.  I mean I was bout it bout it!  Well, messages from The Universe,  Grandma Universe, that is, and her Invisible Thread had a different idea…

I got downstairs to the street and heard: McDonald’s.  I was like what?  Really?  No…  I crossed the street, Acai on the the brain and I got there to see a huge line.  Again I heard: McDonald’s.  I was like okay, when I am Mindful and pay attention to the prompts, something always goes down, I better listen.  Usually not what I would have thought but the pleasant surprises of being in the moment are usually quite remarkable.

So I walked down the street, thinking I would just pass by.  Then I heard: Eggs.  I’m like great.  Now, I’ve had much experience listening to messages and following the Invisible Thread and I know it is important to pay attention.  So I tabled Jason’s agenda and went with Grandma Universe’s directives.

I walk in McDonald’s, probably the second time this whole year.  I don’t eat Fast Food much these days nor am I much of a meat eater for a few reasons.  I walked in and waited in line.  I got to the counter and noticed the clerk was wearing a star pendant in a heart.  She seemed rather unhappy so I decided to compliment her on the pendant.  The smile that she let out was stupendous.  She was beaming, like she could not stop.  I commented: see the star is sparkling just like you.

Now as much as I wasn’t that interested in McDonald’s, to see that woman smile, was well worth it.  I’ll follow the Invisible Thread for that any day.

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