The Importance of Dreams

“Just when I thought I was out.  They pull me back in…”  Michael Corleone, The Godfather Pt. 3

So I’ve been thinking about retiring from the Psychic game.  Kind of like a few years back I retired from writing commentary to focus on poetry (that lasted a few months).  Well…  See above.

On my birthday, May 26, two children from Arizona, A.J. and Ashlee (‘Two E’s” she made sure to say), came by and asked how much.  I read kids for free because it feels right for me.  They sat down and I asked their names and what were their dreams, something I never did before.  I don’t know why I did that but I did and I wrote it down in my journal.  I asked A.J. what sport he played because I knew that he did.  He said baseball and said he wants to be a Pro Baseball Player and Ashlee wanted to be a Cheerleader (she doesn’t see it yet but she can also be a CEO, it was in her cards).

Well I read them and it was cool to say the least and A.J. offered to give me a dollar.  That’s alot for kid and I appreciated the offer.  My closing words to him were: write your dream down and look at it twice a day, focus on it, and you’ll get wherever you want.

I entertained, I joked about how I wanted to be Indiana Jones, a Pirate, or Pro Wrestler as a kid.  I also added my fourth dream of helping people.  Well, I’ve come to the conclusion was that my dream was to see that all of life is an adventure hence the action oriented ideas and because of how my life has unfolded, these gifts in writing and intuition, I can help people.

Later that night, a douchebag reader who dangled money in front of me but I speculate his goal was to get me out of the Tree came by and that was interesting to say the least.  What I took from it all is that I have a gift and while I may not be a millionaire (yet, I will have the experience when it’s the time), I am there not just for me, but there to give to others.  My whole life I wanted to believe it was possible to do something I loved that was fulfilling and would help others. I thank God that I found two in writing and as a psychic.

My boss, Zabia, suggested I get a book and keep track of all the names and dates of birth of people I read.  Last night I did that and wrote:

*A.J. Major League Baseball Player

*Ashlee Cheerleader and CEO

Below that I wrote: I did all this work on myself for them.  Then I drew an arrow pointing up.

I did that because I believe in dreams and we need to add to the message.  I’m not saying what I think is better.  I just think it’s an appropriate time to add more flavor.  I made a video recently and shared it with my Dad.  His words: I like your philosophy Kiddo, much better message than what I heard, find a job, work hard, contribute to society.

I think that message his generation heard holds true, it just needs an adjustment: work hard at finding you, create a job that you love because if you’re stoked, that will contribute to society.

No sooner than I finished writing down in my book the names of A.J. and Ashlee did I look up and see them.  They came to say good-bye because they didn’t know if they would see me again.  A.J. had the second strongest handshake I ever felt, I give him a few years and it will be the strongest as he was still young.  The first was my Grandfather who passed last year.  His last words: You remember, Young.  You remember.

I believe the purpose of this life is to remember that the Soul is quite powerful and we are here to live in this dream fully because it is just a blink, just a stroke of the brush.

Thank you A.J. and Ashlee.  Thank you both very much.  That was the greatest birthday gift ever to meet the two of you and realize that there was a purpose to this whole thing I’ve believed in for so long.  A.J. would come back again by himself to say good-bye again and man, it was like everything came full-circle.  I don’t know where my road leads but I’ll keep taking it all in.


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