A Few Things I Learned @ 30

So last year, I made a list of 20 things that I learned in my 20’s.  Well, here are a few things I learned @ 30:

  • Enjoy the moment. Because it is so true that you never know when something will pass, grow, die, leave, breathe, smile your way.  Each moment can be amazing in showing the depth of how far you’ve come.  And see how much more there is to go…
  • Love anyway. It’s easier to just love than it is to be butt hurt about circumstances.  It feels better as well.
  • I am a giant kid. I feel like I was able to recapture much of what I lost from childhood.  It occurred to me as I considered how excited I am over everything and that as adults we only really high-five little kids.  And I’m pro high-five.
  • The strength of the Spirit gives confidence. This one seems like one of those obviously in life we should be confident but just because it is obvious doesn’t mean it’s easy.  I look at 30, my whole life, see how I’ve been through a variety of things and walked away a better man each time and that made me feel good about my perseverance and strength.  I may have fallen alot in my spiritual journey but I never gave up on it.  I was close, I came to grinding halts but I still kept it as a central part of me and in turn I feel rewarded for that.
  • Kids give me much hope. We tend to look around us at the world and get caught up with what’s going on.  I’m not saying to ignore but I look at how amazing so many of these kids are and I can’t help but believe that the world is going to be amazing come the next generation.  I’m still committed to giving as much as I can so that those guys have a solid foundation to build upon.
  • Own your feelings. In the Census, me and Kyle ‘Ice Cole’ Higashi used to say count it when someone signed up for a test.  Well census the psyche and find out who you really are.  Then own it!  It’s all you.

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