Clip From It’ll Be Okay… (This is the Remix!)

A Shout Out to my Teacher/Homie, Adya.  Big thx Grandma Universe!  Big thx!

God was in that Threesome

So this is the book where I get to share more about Adya and the spiritual stuff we discuss.  I was remarking how awesome it was to complete the first book, see how I had no beef with my family, that my stuff was all me and how I realized that not only genetically am I like my parents but I inherited a number of their traits and I’m really down with that.  So Adya being Adya goes: Exactly my Dear-uh.  Your parents done got together, your Mom gave the egg, your Dad the sperm, and God your Soul, Dear-uh.  God was the other member of that threesome.

I am always surprised by Adya which amazes me more and more each time.  As I mentioned previously about mirrors, Adya is the perfect mirror for being out there.  The same day she made the above comment she was talking about how she and I were an odd couple.  She’s 72.  I’m 31.  She’s from New York.  I’m from Hawaii.  It’s a funny pair to see around I’m sure, now that I think about it.  Adya is one of the most honest people and what I like the most is that she doesn’t have time for the bullshitting.  I don’t either.  I spent a lot of time doing that and I am not going to use, I’m still young anymore because the years fly by.  My calling at 23 flew by to 30 and I could finally feel what it was like to be mindful.  Again, I’m not totally out there but I have experienced it.  I’ve experienced things that I can’t explain and to have someone like Adya in my life, it helped me to understand that what I was going through was in fact valid.

It’s all you my Dear-uh, she would say.  And it is.

Note: you can find more from It’ll Be Okay… here.

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