Untitled Sessions 06.26.2011

Insane in my Membrane

As a Hill w/Cypress once did sing

Sometimes my mind likes to go beyond sane

So find a way

To safely contemplate

Must I or else surely

I’ll lose my Brain…

La La La

JMAW it’s okay to be mad

Mad, mad, mad like El Hatter





Untitled Sessions 06.18.2011 (Flashback)

To Blink Eternity

I’d spend an eternity of
A thousand lives
Of a thousand stars
For one,
Just one,
Shared in your embrace
And to just gaze into your eyes
I would
But my mind
Is greedy
And wants to be
With you for always
Perhaps my mind should learn
That here and now is for always
So I’ll wait through that eternity
Of a thousand lives
Of a thousand stars
For one,
Just one,
When that moment
Is here
And now
For always
It will make all else
But a

Rewind Unwind

Today was long.  12 hours deep into the Psychic game.  It began where I was first issued a follow-up last February to the calling I received 8 years ago.  My life, the landscape of it seemed so perfect, so complete.  I thought I knew exactly what was up.  Boy was a wrong…

But even though I was wrong, everything worked out.  Worked out better than I could ever imagine.  My teacher there said: it’s all circles closing.  And I have to agree it is.

We are just playing witness to our lives.  You’ve the choice to dance in harmony, thus be fulfilled.  Or to resist, let worry fill you with chaos.

Our lives are perfect as they are and seasons come to pass.  Where Fall began very early last July, bringing with it the Death of parts of my life I loved but littered with fear, Spring lingers longer and brings with it so much Love.

Thank you for my life.  I don’t know what is to come next and I’m cool with it.  I imagine it’ll beyond what I could even dream…


Untitled Sessions 06.16.2011



So gentle

I feel your energy

Gentle, Gentle,

So Gentle

Where once I felt

Burning of a destructive nature

I feel the energy of creation

A Rebirth

From a Death that was so painful

But this, this is gentle


So Gentle.

Untitled Sessions 06.14.2011.02

Scarred deeply

Wounds heal (ed / ing)

For does a wound ever go away?

No, that’s what scars are for

This gash, childhood

That split, Love

It’s all Love really

Nonetheless, scarred