Some Words Beyond a Poem

Ah (stretches mind and fingers).  Here we go.  A blog.  I know you missed it.  Actually, at this point in the game I probably have like 3 readers per day or something.  I don’t worry.  I just want to write.  I want to Flow.  Flow is important.  It’s time to go.

I have been doing the Untitled Sessions for sh!ts and gigs because I’ve been on the grind with the books and publication is a slow process.  One of the big reason I’m bout it bout it with the poetry is the immediate gratification that comes with it.  Very rarely does a poem need editing.  I guess I’m a stream of consciousness kind of poet.  I’m not sure but I love it and that’s reason enough for me.

My life has been crazy.  It seems like Death is about to knock on the door again.  My Grandmother is not doing so well and my cousin and I have been getting the vibes that it could be soon.  To be honest, I felt like she was ready years ago, I saw it in her eyes then.  But she’s a great will about her, a strong love for her family, and I believe that kept her going for so many years since.

We’ve been cleaning the yard.  Something many of us in the family have done at different stages in the game.  I have many memories of the yard and my parents and Aunts and Uncles were married there.  We used to play in the stream as kids.  As disconnected as I often felt growing up, that was family to me, those memories.  Life is beautiful yet the tragedy of it all is so thick.  I’ve learned to use the rose colored goggles but ignoring the great range is an abomination to the beauty that is living in my opinion.

Thank you Gran.  I’m not throwing the towel in yet but on the Spirit level I know you can hear this and it’s okay, you can go because there is more for the Soul, even those of stuck in the flesh will go further after.  Keon and I both feel like Papa came back to go with you and he wants you to know it’s okay.

Love you much.

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