Rewind Unwind

Today was long.  12 hours deep into the Psychic game.  It began where I was first issued a follow-up last February to the calling I received 8 years ago.  My life, the landscape of it seemed so perfect, so complete.  I thought I knew exactly what was up.  Boy was a wrong…

But even though I was wrong, everything worked out.  Worked out better than I could ever imagine.  My teacher there said: it’s all circles closing.  And I have to agree it is.

We are just playing witness to our lives.  You’ve the choice to dance in harmony, thus be fulfilled.  Or to resist, let worry fill you with chaos.

Our lives are perfect as they are and seasons come to pass.  Where Fall began very early last July, bringing with it the Death of parts of my life I loved but littered with fear, Spring lingers longer and brings with it so much Love.

Thank you for my life.  I don’t know what is to come next and I’m cool with it.  I imagine it’ll beyond what I could even dream…


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