Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Tell Me You’re F’n Psychic!!!

Tonight was one of those nights.  Funny, because my teacher just told me yesterday: don’t worry if someone goes off on you, it’s something they need to work out, you’re just the one who has to receive it. I had closed up and was deep in writing, so close to the completion of a book, a book that has taken my whole lifetime to figure out in terms of what was burning inside to be said, and is climaxing right now, like literally ready to be born.  So I was caught up in the Flow and I had to write.  When all of a sudden…

I hear a rattling and a knocking.  I hear someone (didn’t need to be psychic to tell that this person was obviously a drunken male) joke: Wanna get your palm read? I don’t know why, I usually ignore it but I walked outside to see what was up.  A big white dude accompanied by a tiny red-faced woman (also drunk) and who decided to get right in my face.  He backed down when I asked if there was a problem.  I must have had a Demon vibe / Don’t mess with JMAW eyes going on or something because he would have crushed me based on the stats (Dude was pretty swoll) but he backed down anyway.  But I was using the wrong set of eyes with her.  Apparently she wanted the bedroom eyes…

Boy, I can’t read women and their cues sometimes because she gets in my face and screams: Tell me you’re f***ing psychic! I calmly start to reply: We all are intuitive and psychic, it’s how much…


I breathe.  The dude starts laughing and I’m not entirely sure what I said but I do know it was like a symphony flowing out of me.  I began calmly explaining my stance that psychic abilities and intuition comes down to how much one utilizes them.  Which gradually led to me raising my voice and closing: Now don’t yell at me and get out of my f***ing face!  Because she was literally within the going for the kiss zone.  That’s how all up in my grill this chick was.

Well apparently, bedroom eyes and kiss was right because he pulls her away, all dog with his tail between the legs-like and they walk off quiet when all of a sudden I hear her yell: Have fun sucking your own…

You get the picture.  Oh what a night, what a life!

Note: Random drunken people and working psychics were not hurt during the manifestation of this life broadcast.

And Please Note: Heavy Sarcasm.

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