Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Tunnel Vision

We all get it from time to time in more than one facet that is a part of the diamond of the Soul’s existence: Tunnel Vision.

Dun. Dun. Dun!  Or the plot thickens.

So tonight I finished up and I emptied the trash and the Universe had an interesting example of tunnel vision, an interesting lesson to teach.  A dude burst passed me, an older gent, and I heard him whisper to a buddy: watch this.  This was happening behind/to my left side.  Ahead I saw a young determined little boy in a wheelchair doing his thing.  I immediately gave a silent thank you for my own health and well-being then sent good wishes to our little friend.

Well the older gent, I refuse to call him gentlemen, cut off the kid and grabbed the backside of a woman, presumably an acquaintance, spouse, whatever.  As silly as that was, I was livid that he cut off the kid.  I felt the animal within me, this animal that’s growing piece by piece on my arm roar.  I walked up behind him, my own tunnel vision taking over and if there had been someone else coming toward me I would have cut them off.  I caught myself, paused took a breath and walked away.

I recalled a dream I had many years ago of a man riding a motorcycle into an exploding trailer to save a dog.  I felt like this energy was breathing through me tonight.  I had to check it.  I can’t go around knocking people out for being human, I had to take the mirror and turn it around on me…

Lord knows I get my own tunnel vision.  It just pissed me off that the Dude cut off little man.  As I dug really deep, I could see how there is a part of me that got tunnel vision in the past and ignored the drive of my own wounded inner child.

Life is funny when you watch it.  In this case, not just in the laughter kind of way…

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