Soundtrack to My Life (Summer Jam 2011)

I was deep in creative thought last night and decided to put together some of the music that really embodies the vibe of what I’ve been feeling this year and really climaxing this summer.  I have many memories that I will always remember, but this year from last July to now, is THE turning point in my life.  Shout out to my homie Kiree, who suggested I write songs.  At any rate, here is my Summer Jam 2011.

1. Juicy –  Notorious BIG

~It was all a dream… is how this song begins and well this life is just that, but a dream…

2. Beautiful People – Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi

~All I see are beautiful people, well beautiful souls housed in various people but yeah.

3. Hustle Hard (Remix) – Ace Hood, Rick Ross, WEEZY

~Can’t knock the hustle in doing what we gotta do.  As spiritual as a person can be, still got to work smart, hustle, so can eat!

4. Wake Up – Wiz Khalifa

~Makes me think about Awakening and smelling the joy of living and how as simple as it can be, it can still be a battle.

5. Rolling in the Deep – Adele

~I’m a romantic at heart.  And Adele’s songs sing deeply to my Soul.

6. Lighters – Bad Meets Evil feat. Bruno Mars

~When we live out our dreams, we shine our Light.  And for whatever reason I resonate with the line about T-Pain not wanting to work with Royce the 5’9″ b/c you see who your true friends are when you’re more like coal and not yet a diamond.

7. Red Nation –  Game w/Lil Wayne

~Red is a character in a kids book I’m writing and my Uncle called me Red as a kid.  As I delved into this psychic thing, Red kind of pops out in my own being from time to time.

8. Look at Me Now –  Chris Brown feat Lil Tune @ Bussa Buss

~While I’m not all up in the club, I am a different being than before.  Five years ago I was 60 lbs. heavier, a year ago 35 lbs heavier, short hair, no tattoos.  Lighter, longer hair, and 8 tattoos (and counting) later, B!tch look at me now.

9. Fly Solo – Wiz Khalifa

~This ends up as my default man.  As much as I love others, I inevitably scare’um away due to intensity, honesty, the dual humanity/spirituality, whatever it is.  But it’s me, so I’ll fly solo as long as I need to.

10. Strobe Lights – Diddy

~ I just like this song…

11. All of the Lights – Kanye West

~The emotions communicated in this song really vibe.  While I can’t relate to all of the experiences, I can identify the feelings behind them and I relate to this song.

12. Black and Yellow –  Wiz Khalifa

Uh, huh, you know what it is! Amen Wiz.  Amen.

13. How to Love – Wayne

Story of love that though it’s auto-tune is so true.  All of us at one point or another have our guard up because of what happened with some crook and how they treated our hearts which closes us off to love when it’s right there.

14. I’m on One – DJ Khaled

~The eerie beat makes me feel like I’m moving through dimensions which is what my life feels like many times.

15. Forever –  Drake

~I imagine this song will be one that brings tears to my eyes when I finally get published.

16. Roll Up – Wiz Khalifa

~No comment.  I’ll roll up though.  Ha ha.

17. Play Your Part – Meek Mill

~Not your traditional hip-hop track.  Another one of those that I just like without an explanation.  I’m okay with that.

18. I’m Goin In – Drake

~ Me: I don’t step on eggshells.  I stomp on them. Lyrics from the song: I’m going in. And I’m go hard! I’m pretty intense, I think I always knew that, only recently embraced it.

19. Dark Fantasy –  Kanye West

~ I think we can get higher in our awareness and the crooning of this just supports that.

20. Angels – Diddy

~ I thank God for all the Angels that have interceded in my life.  I wouldn’t be where I am without them.

21. When I’m Gone –  Wiz Khalifa

~ I love the piano intro and the honesty with which Wiz spits on this track.  It talks to a deeper part of me that would be stoked to live in the country with a family and that be it but my life is pulling in me in 500 different directions and well, gotta go with the Flow, fought it long enough, and if this is my last life in a body, I’m going to live it fully.

22. Some One to Live Naked – I’m Back Mixtape

~ Just like Weezy’s verse on this re-mix of Diddy’s song.  I think we are all looking for someone to share love with.  Start with the self, work out from there.  That’s my outlook these days.

23. Take Over Control – Afro Jack

~ I can lead but sometimes it’s nice to give up control, to life, to others.  I’ve called alot of shots and will probably call more as time goes on because it’s in my blood.  But yeah, I would love for someone to come in and take over control on the spirit level and the human plane.

24. Moment 4 Life – Nikki Minaj

~This year has reinforced over and over again how each moment is precious and this song embodies that.

25. The Show Goes On – Lupe Fiasco

~ I was once that little boy terrified of the world. Not anymore.  Not anymore Friends.

26. Phone Numbers – Wiz Khalifa

~My checks will look like phone numbers too some day.  And I’m stoked either way.  Double win, already a millionaire within.

27. Coming Home –  Diddy

~This sums up the feeling I’ve found after journeying through a crazy spiritual journey up to this point.  The storm that ripped up my life and caused me to dig deep to connect brought me to the calm within to the craziness outside of me.  In that regards, I feel like I’ve come home.  All else is just a bonus.

28. Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO

~Let’s battle some Zombie Apocalyptic Mindlessness by dancing and loving life.  I got my cousin hooked on this.  This song, a one hit wonder, is awesome.

29. Firework- Katy Perry

~I totally feel the energy in this song.  It takes me back to the end of Beetlejuice where all the spirits dance to the song.  All the parts of me dance inside when I hear this song.

30. Summertime in the LBC – Dove Shack

~Takes me back to a simpler time as a youth.  Though I’m still young, this song captures the spirit of a time when I was younger and had less to grapple with.  I wouldn’t trade places but I’m grateful to remember those days.  And this song is a great way to bring this playlist to just about a close…

But first…

31. Just Playing (Dreams) – Notorious BIG

~Gotta end the dream where it began, in Notorious fashion.  Might as well…

And there you have, the songs of this summer.  A great summer in a great life.


B-Sides/Bonus Track

* Natural Mystic- Bob Marley

~ Because everyone loves Bob and well, these winds got a whole lot of mystic blowing in the air!

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