Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Snippets

Three.  What’s that?  That’s right.  Three.  That’s all she wrote tonight and what a three they were.

First up, Dental Surgeon/Businessman who wants to know about love.  It was pretty cut and dry.  He asked me if I noticed anything different about him and I said he had a really calm vibe.  He attributed to his line of work.  Note:  Dentists have the highest suicide rate of any profession so I think it speaks highly that Buddy had such a chill vibe. He left with anything else.  I heard: Keep smiling.

Second up, a man about to go to a mysterious war but would not describe what it was though it wasn’t in Afghanistan or Iraq.  He flew planes and was smoking a cigarette the whole time.  A little strange but he said he always came in before he went to war.  He asked how long he had left in life.  I heard: 15.  He disagreed.  I noted that wherever we put our energy, that’s usually what unfolds, seeing as how I adamantly agree or disagree with readers in the past and seeing where that got me…  It ended up where I could tell he needed some stress relief because I kept hearing: Breathe.  He added that he golfed but that was only when he wasn’t at war.  That was what I was getting at, do something relaxing while away.  He said he had a steady diet of 20 something women since his 20s…  I offered him my card, he said I don’t need it.

And three strikes you’re out of a slow night J, I had a woman come in who does readings on Maui.  I resonated with her story, get close to the kick the door down moment and then a limiting belief creeps in.  I get the sense I helped her.  She was the one who made the night really.  She said that she could tell that I spoke from my Heart.  I work at doing this as much as I can these days.  In the end, only Love is real and all else is just an illusion or delusion so I’m working at living from my Heart.  We exchanged cards and that was the night.

A rather slow night but nonetheless the dream of life continues and that is so much right there to be grateful for…

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