(Mis)Adventures in Urban Mysticism: When (Not) Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

Flashback: June 21, 2011.  I got a ticket with two charges.  But first, before we get to that… (I know Dad, I always leave you in suspense with my writing)  That whole day, for whatever reason, I refused to listen to my intuition.  I don’t know why, I just didn’t feel like listening to the Soul’s chirping that day.  I was at the beach and heard: Go sit under a tree and meditate. As much as I love trees, I’m far from the Buddha and didn’t feel like it.  I then went to the Kahala and parked.  As I was parking I heard: Don’t park here… You never park in front of poles. Which is true.  I don’t usually because I like to drive through the other stall if I can when I leave but on that day I was like egh.

So I spend about an hour between the bookstore and the grocery store, researching some dinner ideas because I was cooking for a friend and was trying to put together something nice.  I leave, head to the car and notice a police car parked behind me.  I walk up and a Security Guard and a Dude leaning against a car looked at me and I them.

This your car. Yes. Blah Blah.  We got the car owner.

What?  Immediately I think, should’ve paid attention.   Turns out, I was accused of hitting the car, fleeing the scene, and not leaving any info.  What?  I didn’t hit the car.  WT… eff…  Anyhow, from the camera angle, two cars had parked in that stall, the one before mine, and mine.  They backed out the way where it would have hit but I turned in from the other way.  Dude just came out and notice cosmetic damage and did what he had to.  I get that.  But talk about crazy luck, right?

So the police come out and we do that whole dance and it danced mellowly.  I’m kind of pissed because I had just been given the car, and of course hadn’t received the insurance cards yet.  Which was lovely because when I told my Mom I got the car, she texted: Make sure you get insurance.  It’s 1000 dollar fine. Which I know is Mom-Code for: you’re always going to be my child and I want to help.  That’s cool.  I get that.  I am 31 though and a part of me thought of the scene in Talladega Nights where the guy who played the giant guy in Green Mile says: Don’t you put that evil on me Ricky Bobby! (I kid).

So I didn’t want to deal with the thing for various reasons and took a couple breaths.  So I was going to just take the ticket and be on my way.  Well, there was a Mrs. Officer (seriously like out of the Lil Wayne video) who asked me if I really wanted to admit guilt.  I guess she could see how adamant I was that I didn’t hit it and I said no and filled out the paperwork stating my side.  The Dude was cool about it, he didn’t want to press charges and the other Police Officer told me that it wouldn’t go to court.  (Sigh of relief, now I get to deal with the insurance bit…).  The police left, I started laughing at the circumstance and filled out the security paperwork.

So fast forward a months, tabled it, sorted through my self-created hurricane relating to some other areas and got back to the calm of the storm.  Stepped up the meditation.  Say thank God for Jiu-Jitsu/Grappling because it’s been there through this hellacious uncertainty of a Saturn Return, Dark Night of the Soul, quarter-life crisis, why I am here-itis.

And I went to court this morning.  I had mixed feelings.  My teacher is pro-everything is just an experience.  I agree but there are some experiences I’m not really interested in for obvious reasons.  I woke up and was like alright, if I’m going to do this, I’m going to do it in style.  Pull out the tie (blue), the long-sleeve (grey), chino’s (black), leather dress shoes (black).  I looked pretty pimp.  Where a woman thought I was in High School last night, guess what lady, I had the big boy pants on today (BLATANTLY JOKING : p).

I go, I sit there with my insurance cards and whatnot, I have no idea what to expect.  A friend told me to bust out a pen and paper because you’ll hear some stories.  I didn’t talk to very many people about it, this is probably my parents first hearing of it (since now both are rocking the social network phenomenon of Facebook and this will be posted there) because I didn’t want to hear the insurance thing.

So yeah, sitting there and like a dream I see a former boss from a different life in a system called politics, stroll in, frak yes, the Angels got my back.  I just thought about this one in particular a few days ago, thought last night, I should have emailed him.  (Hi-5, manifested that one).

I watch the deal because they do the cases where people have counsel first.  He leaves, I make a run to go talk to him, the small part of my ego saying: bench warrant, bench warrant, bench warrant.  I hit skip on my mental playlist and landed on a track: I have power in my life, no coincidence, he wouldn’t be here just because.

Well, he frees up, we talk, he says he’ll help me out.  Soooooo…

I get off for substantial compliance (you can breathe now, Mom) b/c of the insurance, the thing I was actually in the wrong for.  And I get to go to trial for the other thing.  Great.

I take a breath.  We talk outside, he was a God-send, took over the whole thing, scheduled the trial for when he’s down there.  I only have to do a couple out of pocket charges on that part.  Exhale, sigh of relief.

Everything’s going to be okay.  I’m alive.  It all happened for some reason and well, this chapter just gets to read a little longer, or the twist will turn later but I have to say: Thank you God, thank you energy, thank you cool heads.

Remains to be seen what comes next but we’ll find out in September.  The first two steps have worked out better than I imagined and I have to err on the side of positive vibes and pray that the highest good will come out of the next stage.

Note: This blog was written with the intent of making something not laughable into a laughable experience.  As much as I could seethe over being in the wrong place at the wrong time, wrongfully accused, it reinforced within me a valuable lesson (listen closer), and it put me into the right place at the right time.  Had I stood in fear and worried about the bench warrant or felt like a victim, my eyes wouldn’t have been open wide enough to pay attention and see an opportunity when it appeared.  And that’s life.  At least from my observations.  Sit in fear, paralysis.  Act from Love, opportunities come in waves.

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