Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Honesty Isn’t Always Flowery…

“I no longer step lightly on eggshells.  I stomp on them.”

I was called in early last night and I immediately wondered who was I going to meet.  Don’t know why, but that just popped in.  Well, I was told this a few times last year by a mentor: expect the unexpected. A woman walks in all smiles, flirty, talks me down in price, it’s my first reading of the day, so I figure sure, let’s get rolling (count it as Ice Cold Higashi would say).  As soon as she enters the Tree, the energy changes.  If it was a Disney movie, the wind would have picked up and blown out all but one of the candles in the room.  It was a feeling, that is for sure.  The smile, the mask dissolved as a heavy furrow of the brow and her energy took over and felt like it was pushing me away.  I did the normal start/intro but I rolled the chair back because I could feel the heaviness everywhere.

I should have thought deeper on her first words: I just don’t want to hear anything bad.  When people tell me that I reply I don’t believe that there is bad on the spiritual level.  I can see how things could be perceived as bad looking at it solely from the human perspective but adopting a more holistic/inclusive paradigm has helped me to take in the Journey and not be so quick to judge what is happening because the Journey unfolds as it does.  So I shared that (in one ear and out the other).

I did her reading and she peaked on anything that could be perceived as “negative” and spun tales, so much as focusing in on cards and stating that it looked bad.  I had to say, if you look for bad you will find it.  I learned that the hard way.  Where we pay our attention, we create, we find (I tell my cousin I’m buying us Audi R8’s when I hit bestseller status and each day I see more and more Audis, including an R8 the other night, getting closer, Yes!!!).  It was the first time that I ever had anyone storm out.  As I sat and watched, I had already concluded I was going to ask her to leave and not charge her because her ego was taking control and having a fit and there was no point in continuing.  The moment I finished that thought is when she began her rant and left in tears.

I took a breath and laughed because I had to.  I had a choice to do so.  I could have made myself a victim by the experience, I did get hosed on time and money basically but the woman was obviously hurting.  It was obvious she was disconnected from her own sense of well-being so I was not going to add to it by chasing her down.  And I didn’t feel like a victim.  If anything, I felt like maybe that dynamic would allow her to reflect and find a lesson in it as the lessons were there, even for me. A big lesson felt like it’s okay to call it how you see it so long as it vibes with what is coming from the Heart, regardless of it steps on someone’s toes.

I also laughed because that had to be the reason I was called in early.  That is the meaning I’m assigning at least.  Had she visited any other Reader the message wouldn’t have been there in that fashion.  I really don’t pull punch these days.  Compassion, honesty doesn’t necessary mean sugar coat, it means being real.  I had a very unrealistic view on Love in the past, very conditional and based on the responses of others.  I lived more from fear and as a result didn’t always let my fire speak or was hesitant to speak from the Heart.  I’ve gotten burned every which way I’ve approached life, acting from Love or fear.  I’d rather act and speak from Love as a choice, because it honors what is going on inside. Because either way, I don’t know what anyone else is going to do and at least I’m being true to me, which I think is healthy, and if I had to say if anything is good, it is healthy.

The woman would come by later and put 5 dollars through the window with a smile while I was doing a reading.  I said No but she insisted.  I don’t know why the karmic tie we had played out as it did but that is what it is.  Was it bad?  Was I hurt?  No and no.  Was it enjoyable?  No, not at all.  Did I learn?  Yes.

And it’s the learning that takes me back, gets me up each day, feet hit the floor, signing on with Team Bring It (to quote the Rock), saying and receiving a Good Morning from the Good Lord (also to quote the Rock) and hearing the Devil say oh sh!t, it’s these guys (also to quote, eh, you get the point).

The Devil, Hell, in my opinion, is the torment from living in the fear that the ego uses to control us.  That woman’s ego was tormenting her.  She couldn’t see her own beauty, her own power.  And that is was is okay all the time regardless of external validation.  It’s okay because the Soul is there, ready, to take us to a better place, to show us our tranquility within.

That’s important because we never truly know what to expect from others, from Nature, from a world that is impacted by such a collective consciousness, an energy in constant flux.  It is special because despite the storm of energy, the storminess of others, our Soul is connected to the calm, the I, the Eternal You, the Eternal Me.

That is priceless.  No experience can take the value of that place within away, ever.  I send you the best my sister and I thank you for your time stopping in.

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