Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Man Created Evil

You’d never see this as Breaking News anywhere though it’d be funny to see as a CNN, BBC, FOX NEWS, ideally, TMZ Exclusive story (because if it’s not on TMZ it’s not news (please note the sarcasm)).  Oh well, to make up for it…

A Simple Voice Exclusive: Time to get back to Nature because humans created Evil…

As I navigated 20 years of spiritual crisis to reach a place where I can feel okay with however I’m feeling, whether that be stoked or pissed, and get on with my life, I have come to see the world quite differently.  Could be the fact that it took adopting crazy, new, different, odd, stupid, great, irresponsible, amazing, selfish, cool, whatever one uses to describe it, way of living my life.  Could be inside I was tired, my Soul was like: Brah, this sucks, let’s shake it up.  Well it did suck and it got shook!

At any rate, I look at things from as many sides as I can in an effort to cultivate neutrality, release judgment, feel lighter inside, and the real one, see how it all connects, all is one.

The only thing that helps me is to really look at Nature.  The Universe, the Earth, Nature, was all here before each of us.  Before the each of us that gave life to our generation and so on and so backwards into the past.  To the chagrin of the child-like (that’s a good thing) scientist I met at the beach one day, it’s all energy.  Our words put together stories (a great many stories) at understanding our experience of that energy, what we call life.  Those stories include words like God and the Devil, Good and Evil, etc.

I hear alot of New Agers say that it’s all Love.  I’ve said that and have also said God is Love and it’s all good.  It’s my way of explaining it in a way that works for me.  BUT.  BUT.  BUT.

I believe that BALANCE is having one foot in the Light, the other in the Dark, and each person is the bridge between the two.

People created Evil.  There was no evil in Nature before people came through.  Religions and ideologies do not kill.  It’s people that go through with the deed.  Nature has death and it’s considered just a part of nature.  I think that murder, rape, other atrocities amongst humanity are atrocities because it conflicts with our human nature. Many of us do not allow healthy expression of our Light and Dark so when it manifests, bam, bam, bam leading into deep wounds that travel from generation to generation.

We live like we are in competition with everything which in turn grows aggression and sows seed of hurt.  There is inner conflict, conflict in relationships, and probably the root of it all and worst of all, we live in conflict with Nature.

How foolish are we to think that we can predict what’s going to happen?  Honestly, whenever I’ve checked the weather in my life, it’s been wrong.  It’s a prediction.  Same thing I tell people when I read them.  I’ve been to many readers in my life and two things happen, what they say comes true or it doesn’t.  The things that came true are what I focused on and believed and the same thing with the other side, I believed it wouldn’t happen so it didn’t.

Which leads to what the point of this blog is…

Man created Evil.  There is some dark stuff that happens with humanity.  But we are the reason for it.  Not God.  Not the Devil.  Not Angels.  Not Demons.  It’s funny how we don’t want to be accountable for the good things (it was all God) but when it comes down to the shit we push the blame (it was Evil).  Which is even more funny because alot of people who harp on Satan fail to see that Jesus’ message was also about accountability.

I have a question.  Do you know what Hell is?  Many will say Hell is where there is no God.

I ALSO have a hypothesis that is different than the fire and brimstone.  If Hell is a place with no God, and if Life is energy, and if energy can be felt, and the arguably the best feeling is one of being Loved or feeling Love and is a Loving energy, and as they say in Hawaiian Aloha ke Akua God (or God is Love), isn’t it probable that the only Hell is a place where we do not live in Love?

Just a thought.  Glad I live in an age where they don’t burn people at the stake anymore.  But on the real, I don’t know.  I guess I’m a little perplexed.  The more I watch Nature, the more it makes sense that life can be all Love, a realistic Love, where yeah, we’re given all we may need and desire but we gotta work hard, be patient because seasons change and no one season is ever alike because no day is ever alike.

I guess I’m boycotting this pushing the blame onto dark shit.  Dark will happen if we focus on it.  It’s unrealistic to only focus on Light.  Life is balance.  There is beauty in both.  We wouldn’t have a shadow when walking if it wasn’t supposed to be.  Know what I mean?

Anyway, (microphone drops).  Shoots.


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