Embrace Your Inner Psychic: Allow Me to Introduce Myself…

“Allow me to introduce myself…”  ~ Jay-Z

I’ve been having so much (            ) with the Adventures in Urban Mysticism commentaries, I thought I might add another category to The Simple Voice.  So as it says above (drum roll), allow me to introduce: Embrace Your Inner Psychic.  This is for fun and I will share everything that I ever learned, that helped me to grow and develop intuitively, thus embracing my Inner Psychic and allowing it to breathe.  My inner screenwriter wants to be all like: this will be the place for all that raw, hard-hitting psychic phenomena but I digress and had to give voice to my inner comedian (bare with me Dear Reader, I like FUN).

So introduction aside, you can whet your Psychic appetite at the following links (I will expand on each subject in future Embrace Your Inner Psychic blogs and address other topics as well):

Energetic Vibrations and Working With Your Guides

Filling Your Psychic Toolbox: Clairaudience

Filling Your Psychic Toolbox: Automatic Writing

Accepting Dark Energies and Spirits

Examples of Channeled Messages

Ain’t no thing but a chicken wing.  Not really, but laugh.  It’s a big part of what life is about.  Until the next installment of Embrace Your Inner Psychic…

Chee Huu to YOU!!!




Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Scars

“Wanna know how I got these scars?”  The Joker (Heath Ledger’s version)

Through the looking glass into the Dark Night of the Soul...

One of my favorite songs growing up, one of the 10 that I liked that was not hip-hop (joke it was more like 20, nah, nah, nah!) was Scars by Papa Roach.  I really liked the acoustic version because there was something in the emotionality (OMG that is actually a real word b/c spell-check didn’t catch it.  It’s not just a Tropic Thunder thing?  I thought I was being funny) of it that struck me.

I’ve long been fascinated by music and how it can make me feel like someone else can relate.  Another favorite of mine is Pain by 2Pac.  In experience, I think I relate a little better to Scars, but in feeling, I relate deeply to both.  One can hear it in the voices.  It’s a sound that evokes a feeling that stirs the Heart.  Only way I can explain it.  No further explanation need be given.

I love my scars.  As I look at my healing tattoos, telling the story of spiritual rebirth, it’s a reminder to love scars because it shows how I’ve healed some of the deep wounds that existed before birth by returning through the Looking Glass and “marrying” my Soul.  If I had to break down what occurred in my life, I would say it’s ashes work, it was tending to my inner garden, it was allowing for Death within.  Spiritual calling or not, I hadn’t done that work and it culminated in the explosion of my life last July.  I hadn’t put to rest many a thing that no longer served me nor did I venture out and allow my Soul the opportunity to breathe fully and be okay with that.  Only in crossing the threshold was I ever able to grow, to release.

I write about similar themes, spirituality being a huge component.  And I might repeat myself at times.  I do so because I believe we’re here doing the same thing, maybe not in the same way, but for the same purpose: to live fully, to know who we really are, to serve others, and hopefully, create a foundation so that our children, our brothers and sisters yet to arrive have something better than we did, holistically.  I also do so because I feel like my role of expression of life is kind of like a true fan, even when the team seems down and won’t come back, still there, still cheering.  I don’t know what’s going to happen in the world as we approach 2012.  Everyone has their “theories” and I, my own hypotheses.  But regardless, I’m going to cheer balance, going to cheer the Love within humanity.  It’s who I am and I’m cool with that.  I used to think it was because the world needed a voice or a new message.  The world has everything it needs already in each moment.  I needed to be my Voice.  I needed to find it.  Which is really funny when you consider that this website is called The Simple Voice.  I needed that Simple Voice.  LMAO.

Each step in the Journey takes me closer to the end celebration that is Death.  Though I don’t feel it is, today could be my last.  Who really knows?  So with that, I am so very grateful for my scars, for the pain of life, and all that’s it’s taught me because it takes me deeper and deeper into the arms of God, to choose, to feel Love as It is truly present in each and every moment.  It’s taught me to listen to and be one with that Simple Voice of my Heart.

So yeah: you wanna know how I got these scars?

Aloha nui loa,


Yelp Review: University of Hawaii at Manoa

It’s 100a, I’m doing some writing of a different kine: Yelp.  I don’t know why but I got in the Yelp zone and decided to practice my reviews.  As I look at it, makes sense I’d get down with Yelp because it’s an opportunity to write about experience and observations.  Anyhow, low and behold, you can Yelp about your alma mater so I did (University of Hawaii at Manoa).  Enjoy:

UH gets alot of criticism from various circles and though it’s not perfect, it offers its students an opportunity to grow and learn while living in paradise.  And more importantly, I believe the students walk away better people because of the unique situation we are in here in Hawaii.

When I was still in small kid time, while growing up in Hilo, I always wanted to go to Manoa.  I don’t know why, can’t explain it but it was a feeling that I never shook.  I spent a little bit of time UH-Hilo until transferring and that was just what I needed to experience at that time in my life.  Going to Manoa gave me so many opportunities to grow as a human being and getting my degree in Religion really did teach me to think critically and explore things from many different perspectives.

I know alot of local people who frown on people who leave home.  I also know alot of other people who feel the same about those who don’t leave.  I fell into a weird in between category in that regards but one of the biggest lessons that I learned in life, that has helped me out many times, is a result of my education at Manoa.

It was my literally last credits, I had a crazy 25 page paper to work on, and needed more time.  It was for a class in Mysticism and a Directed study, which is really funny these days because I could write that son of a gun 18 which ways to Sunday now and over 100 pages worth, but at that time, 25 pages was hard.  Anyhow, my Professor, Dr. Lamb, sat me down and gave me the 411 but said he’d help me.  I wasn’t the best student and our adviser couldn’t believe that I was going to graduate.  They had a policy that dismissed any class below a C grade when applying for graduation so my degree GPA came out to 3.2 but I had some classes that were not worth mentioning and it was only that high because of that rule.  In fact, if it’s no longer a part of the Religion Dept. I’m probably the student why…  Dr. Lamb looked at me though and said: we’re all in this life together.  I wrote the paper and got an A and B in the classes it was forth.

When I look back at UH and all she taught, I totally see that.  Alot of people view it as experiencing the suffering because of budget cuts and whatever else that has impacted the University but you know, every time I go by for a visit, I see something that is a better UH than when I was there.  I have to believe that because that together mentality is at the core of many of the faculty and the students who advocate for change, UH will always be something that gives to its students and our island community.  While I still suggest hitting up our beaches in Hawaii, take the time to explore your college community.  You will not regret getting involved.

THX UH!  You haz cheeseburger!!!

The Maxims of Delta

Note: The Maxims of Delta came to me in 2004 and were once on my now closed MySpace.  They were resurrected on here and look for the Narrative Poem telling the tale of Delta’s Journey along the Road, coming soon.

The Maxims of Delta¦

Throw away the shackles inhibiting the change you desire to manifest in life. They only exist if you accept them.

Personal and social change begin when you choose for them to happen. After making that choice life works with you to accomplish change.

Do not fear. Fear hinders the natural flow of living. Fear leads to illogical behavior.

Allow for change. Change at times seems to be negative. Change the perspective from one of fear to one of self-love. Think of change as growth. As children we wanted to grow and to know. As adults we have grown complacent, we no longer desire to change.

Recapture the excitement of the simplicity within each moment. As children something so small as finding a pin can bring joy.

Recapture the awareness we had as children. Children live and breathe life. Many of us live and breathe the thoughts that we have overanalyzed. We are lost in thought. Thought is good. It is bad when it prevents us from experiencing the simple joy within in each moment.  No need to wait.

Chance’ um, the time, your time, all time is now.

The Second Verse…

Something only has meaning if one gives it meaning. Give meaning to something positive.

Believe that you can do the impossible. As children, we fell many times before even standing. And then we fell again. Stand back up. Do not give up.

Nothing is random. The weird coincidences (coinkydinks) are not coincidence. Life is speaking to you. Listen to what it is saying.

Everything happens for a reason. These are parts of a lesson. Ever notice repeat lessons. Ask oneself what the lesson is and what one is doing for the lesson to repeat itself. Master the lesson.

Help others. Recognize when you can and cannot. Remember, a person can only be helped if s/he wishes to be.¨

Talk to the earth. It is connected to you and hears you. Everything is connected. Particles of stars make up who you are. You return to the earth. The earth will one day pass. Your physical essence will carry into something else.

Nurture your spirit. Run, surf, breathe, eat, whatever it takes, find what it is that nurtures your spirit. We all have different vehicles that will take us to that place. And difference is amazing.

We are all looking at the same picture. Our different values and experiences contribute to a different interpretation and explanation of the same picture. That does not make any one interpretation than another. They are all unique. That is what makes life beautiful.

A Third Chapter

How does one know what is wrong? If one hesitates, cannot look another in the eye, has to question it is wrong. Strive to do and live what is right.  How does know what is right? Ask the heart. The heart knows. Love yourself fully and your heart will guide you.

Doing what your heart tells you may not always be easy. Listen anyway. Your heart is in touch with the essence of the source.

Robert Frost once wrote, I took the road less traveled and that made all the difference. That road may have been harder and it may be different than that others took and advised you to take. Better to go down that road and know then to go down the road others said to and not know.

In every challenge, always remember, I love you. It is echoed in every form and felt throughout. It is the gift given. The echo is there. It asks nothing in return and is given freely. Remember, I love you. The source communicates this to you always.

Song Four


Life is about connections.

Value connections.

We change the world with each moment. The past creates the future. The only thing present is the self. Work for change, for peace.

The closer one gets to what it is that is their dream, the harder the journey gets. Make the journey.

One is never truly alone. Everything is inside the one. Know the one.

The Fifth Sun


The thought echoes in everyone’s mind. What is your legacy?

Legacy is linked with one’s passion. Find your passion. Live it.

Nurture the spirit…

Delta thought:

i feel as though my time has come
the wave i ride is the one to be a part of
yet a part of me is tired
a part of me is weak
i suppose it is the balance of life that
allows me to see both sides
forcing me to choose the middle
my path, to walk through the fire and the ocean
all at once
i will never lay down my sword as it is only mine to wield
to light
thus spoke Delta

Delta looked out on the horizon and saw something…

a warrior walked slowly,
head down
sword dragging behind him
to others
he appeared
but his pace was only slow
because he’d traveled for a long time
and his head down
because sometimes,
he liked to see where his steps were leading
the sword was not aloft for there was no need to use it at this time
that’s the thing with life
the many battles he’d won, lost or otherwise
were never viewed from his perspective by others
couldn’t be understood by them
so while to the others
it looked as though he failed
he had fallen and would continue
he knew
that so long as he stood back up
after each fall, each loss
so long as he did not stop
the greatness,
that simplicity of being,
would always travel with him

The Awakening

And like a veil being lifted
The darkness became light
And Delta saw that he was
Playing charades
Still wearing a mask
How could he teach?
What could he relay?
Who could he help?
When he thought he was starting to know
He shook his head with a laugh and
Realized he knew nothing
And in knowing nothing
He was truly beginning to
Leaving behind the cloud that filled his brain
Parting the curtain that shaded his eyes
For as much as Delta had wished to help the world
He began to help himself
In so doing
The end became
The beginning
And the beginning the end for
Now is the only time that matters
Delta spoke
To the outsider it appeared
But he knew
That it was only through the one
Did the words flow
No longer resisting
The true essence
Of Being

Chapter Three…

Chapter 3 – Message in a Bottle

Red stands up and walks over to the big metallic tub.  He reaches out for the bottle and Snacks runs down his arm to scoop up the bottle.  Red sets them both down.  He taps his staff on the cork gently and the bottle opens itself up.

“Ahem.”  A voice says from within the bottle.

“One of these guys…” Snacks says while rolling his eyes.

“Testing.  Microphone check.”  The voice continues.

“Get on with it.”  Red says tapping his staff causing the bottle to shake.

“Everyone’s a critic.”  The bottle says quickly.  “Mr. E. Now, Creation’s, er Worlds Greatest Psychic, Mystic in Training, and Lord Snacks, THE King of the Rats (drum roll and trumpets blaze), the two of you are about to embark on a most dangerous portion of the Journey.  You must make haste for Sir and the Society of Fear have entrenched themselves in the Human culture.  It is going to take all belief in and of the Magicals to save the dreams of children, young and old alike.”

The message shoots out of the bottle and unfolds to read in flashing letters:


“Why do they make these things so dramatic?”  Snacks asks.

“Beats me, you know I prefer the simple voice to theatrics.  Wasn’t always that way but, eh, you there bottle, is that it?  No starting point.”  Red directs his attention to the bottle.

“Really, no applause.  Tough crowd in this economy.  It’s a good thing I save the best for last…”  The Bottle replies as the message explodes to open another portal.

“Now that’s more like it.”  Snacks chimes in, producing a gold coin that is half the size as he is.  “Here you go!”

“Why thank you Lord Snacks?  The kindness of rats is known worlds over, your reign over the rats has been most welcome in, um, most worlds.”  The Bottle replies.

“You’d give him the coin all over again even if he said it in exactly the same way.”  Red says sensing his little Friend’s anger over the treatment of his people in other worlds.  Red raises his hand up near his shoulder where Snacks is perched in the hood of Red’s cloak and a pink light flows from his palm, Snacks immediately smiles…

“Oh, the Pink Light of Love trick!”  The Bottle shouts bouncing up and down.  “Do me!  I’m next!”

Red looks at the Bottle, smiles, raises his staff and turns the bottle into a potted bamboo plant.

“Nice touch Red!”  Snacks cheers.

“I couldn’t let him get away about commenting on the Rat Kingdom, could I?” Red replied as they walked past the now-silent bamboo plant.  “It’ll wear off in a few hours.  Shall we your Highness?”

“Oh Red, you don’t have to say that.”  Snacks says blushing.

“I know.  Take a compliment.”  Red replies.  He raises his staff points it at the portal, closes an eye and looks down it as if measuring the distance.  “Let’s try something a bit different so that we don’t fall asleep this time, eh?”  The staff emits yellow light and touches the portal, which opens up and wraps around them and POOF.

. . . . . . . . . . .

Red and Snacks are transported to a porch, where they are now seated on some beach chairs overlooking the ocean around sunset.

“Now that’s more like it.”  Red says.

Snacks snaps his fingers and a pea and carrot appear in each hand.  He lets out a huge grin and says, “Most definitely.”

Red reaches for his breast pocket and produces the Golden Key that Grandma U. gave him.  “Alright so let’s look at what we have going for us.”  Red begins.

“We know we are dealing with, CHOMP, Sir and the Society of Fear, CHOMP.”  Snacks reports with a mouthful of carrot.

“Check.”  Red replies.

“We have the Golden Key.  BURP!”  Snacks says snapping his fingers again and producing a Snacks sized water jug.

“Right.”  Red answers, a quill now in his right hand.  He starts to twirl the quill and Snacks is almost hypnotized.

“Snacks!”  Red calls out.

“That thing you do with the quill, it calls me for some reason…” Snacks says shaking it off.

“We all wish we had feathers and want to fly on some level I think.”  Red mutters. “Okay, so she gave us the Golden Key for a reason.  It’s not big enough to bludgeon Zombies with.”

“I’ve an idea!”  Red exclaims hopping to his feet.  “Let see if there’s any doors we should explore here.”

Snacks brushes his hands of his snacks, the water jug vanishing and they see behind them a dwelling with a huge sliding glass door.

“Oy, Red.  I’ve a bad vibe about this…” Snacks says.

“Have your Roar ready old boy.”  Snacks follows after Red and crawls up his leg and makes his way to the hood.  Red walks over to the sliding glass door, whatever lay behind it, is darkened.  Red reaches for the handle, which moves as his hand nears it. Red tries again.  “What the…”

“I’ve seen this before.” Snacks says.  He exits the hood and runs down Red’s arm to the door.  Rather than reaching for the handle he touches the glass and they are now looking out at the porch where they were just standing.

“Good work Snacks!” Red says brushing Snacks back.  Snacks returns to the hood and they survey the area.  The dwelling is much larger than either of them imagined.   A large chandelier floats overhead and a spiral staircase rises up as far as the eye can see.

“Looks like we go up?”  Snacks asks.

Red produces a silver slot machine coin that reads Lucky 7.  “Heads we go up, tails we go there.”  Red says pointing at a bookshelf with some lighting peaking out below it.  He flips the coin and the coin turns into a fox tale.  “The book shelf it is…”

The fox tale flows towards the shelf and starts dusting the books.

“What would have it been if it was heads?”  Snacks asks as they walk towards the case of books.

“A hummingbird, I think.  Been years since I used it.” Red answers.

“Oy, this looks like home.”  Snacks remarks.

The tale stops at one book where no dust is moving.  It brushes furiously, finally giving up and with a POP, returns to the Lucky 7 form and drops on the shelf on the dust, none of it rising.

Red runs his finger lightly over the dust and it doesn’t move.  He looks over his shoulder at Snacks whose tapping his ear.  Snacks gives a wink and runs down Red’s arm and blows the dust…

“Eh, can’t a bloke get some rest?”  A Voice speaks from the dust.

“All in time, Star.”  Snacks says.

“Eh, you don’t say.” Star replies.  The dust starts to take the form of a face, the eyes opening slowly. “King Snacks?  That really you?”  Star starts to grin.  “And if it isn’t Mr. E. too?”

“Nice to see you Mr. Dust.”  Red says with a tip of the hat.  Snacks is standing on the shelf next to the pile of dust now which is quickly taking the shape of star.

Star Dust shakes himself off and hovers up, emitting a bright, sparkling light.  “What brings Mr. E. and The King to see me right here, in this Here and Now, right now?”

“We’re looking for some clues on getting to the moon.”  Snacks states, crossing his arms and leaning against a book.

“The moon, huh?  I haven’t seen her in quite some time.  I couldn’t tell you how to find my way back to her…” Star replies.

“Well, maybe we have to get much higher and ask a different source.”  Red says, his eyes glowing a bright yellow.

“No Red…” Snacks replies with a look of concern.

“It’s the only way.”  Red answers without hesitation.

“What’re you two going on about?” Star asks.

“The Keeper.” Snacks says with a chill.

“And the Book of Dreams.” Red continues.  “As good a place as any to find a way to save the children and their dreams.”

“That certainly is a much higher authority on matters.  I hear that the Keeper is very focused on his weaving and unweaving tangles, all of which are an important part of the Universal web, these days.”  Star adds.  “You sure you want to disturb him?”

“I owe him one.” Red replies, his eyes softening.  “I remember quite clearly my first meeting with the Keeper in the Flesh. It was the second Journey that I was assigned to by Grandma U.”

“I’d already returned, having braved the Cave of Unexpressed Phantoms, and was given the duty of doing Psychic Readings in a tourist district on the far side of the Universal Market Place.  Many a spirit flowed in and out of my space those days and low and behold so did our friend, the Keeper.  He was disguised of course and I didn’t realize it was him until right after he walked outside.  I’d hurt my leg a few days earlier, in fact, that was how I started using this staff, and hobbled after him only to see him disappear in the crowd…”

“Well, so long as you’re acquainted.”  Star stated.  “I wouldn’t want to be the one to disturb him in the midst of his audits or cleaning or weaving or whatever it is he does with the Records.”

“Oy, Star, would you be able to get me some of your twinkling dust?  I’d like to be able to pop in and tell the Missus hello and kiss the little ones if we’re out long.”  Snacks asked shyly.

“For King of the Rats, you’ve sure a soft spot for your family.  Lucky thing you’re a such a great grappler…”  Star floats up a few shelves to a small tea cup where he brushes some of the dust on the saucer.

Red produces a small jar and catches the dust, now twinkling as it falls in the air.  He hands it to Snacks’ with a smile.  Snacks hugs the jar briefly, turns it round and round until it gets small enough to fit in his pouch, then puts it away.

“Well, sentimental moments aside, Snacks, are you ready?”  Red jokes with his friend.  Snacks leaps lands on the lapel of Red’s jacket.  He scurries up to Red’s shoulder and bites Red’s ear.

“Snacks!” Red yells.  “No more biting.  Use your words, will you?”

The three have a laugh and Star starts to settle back into dust form.  “Off with you both now.  Time for me nap.”  Star says with a yawn.  As he does so, his face fades back into the dust.

“Now that right there, that’s magic Red.”  Snacks says using his words.

“Tell me about it…” Red replies, his eyes glowing.  “Now about this Keeper.”

Red E. Now!!! Chapter Two…

Chapter Two – Grandma U.

Red is sitting on the ground against a wall in an alley.  Snacks is surveying the perimeter while Red stirs.

“She summoned us far from home.  I haven’t fallen asleep from riding along on a plane since I was small kid time.” Red says as he dusts himself off.

“Fo’ reals? Oy, you were out as soon as we lifted off it seemed and long after we landed.”  Snacks commented as he climbed up Red’s leg. “I’m not sure exactly which of the worlds we are on but we should blend in.”

“Well traveling between planes is just one of those things, I suppose, hopefully we aren’t on a layover world.  Could be stuck for hours…  Well, either way, we can make this an adventure.  Shall we Mr. Snacks?”  Red tips his hat and makes his way out of the alley.  A cat runs by and Snacks growls at it, the cat fleeing at the sound.

“Perfecting your Roar I see.”  Red congratulates as they find themselves exiting the alley to another street, a crowd of all types of creatures lies ahead.

“The Roar is my favorite trick that you taught me.”  Snacks replies reaching out for a hanging grape as they enter the crowd and pass a stand of fruit.  “It appears we caught the lunch rush, eh?”

“Seems like the whole Food Markets is slamming…” Red stops and looks up at the rooftop and ahead at the wall of people.

“Eh look, it’s Mr. E. Now!” a young lion cub cries out.

“Red. E. Now!!! Oh is Lord Snacks with him?” his sister replies.

The crowd turns and notices Red and Snacks walking with them.  Beings of all start to run towards the two.

“So much for inconspicuous.”  Red mutters and with a quick step and a vault with his staff the two are on a rooftop.

“Did you see that!?!?” the cub yells.

“Aww, I wanted to carry Lord Snacks…” his sister cries.

The voices start to grow faint as Red moves from the edge of the rooftop to the center.  A single chair sits in the middle of the roof and Red approaches with caution.  He taps it with his staff and after finding it to his liking he takes a deep breathe and sits.


“Hello my Dear-uh.”  Grandma U. says with Snacks sitting in her lap, fast asleep.

Red looked around to find himself in a silver carriage with a smiling ageless Black woman with eyes that resembled black pearls.  “Traveling in style these days Grandma?”  Red jokes.

“Well, you know, the Universe always provides what one is ready for in each Here and Now.”  She replies.  “And look at this one, fast asleep.”  Grandma rocks Snacks who curls up in a ball.

“Where are we Grandma? I fell asleep on the last plane ride, the first time in years, and Snacks never sleeps.” Red inquires looking at the starry sky outside. “…at night.”

Grandma looks out of the window and waves her hand, the window is transformed into a magical screen displaying a map of many worlds.  She wiggles her fingers and the worlds are scrolled through until it lands on Earth.

“Earth?”  Red says a bit surprised.  “Really?  The 3rd Dimension?  Of all the… OUCH!”  Red yells as he was somehow slapped in the back of the head.

“Oh, I forgot you are no longer my student, just a Friend.  Sorry about the slap but please, you of all beings must remember to stretch your mind my Dear-uh.”  Grandma says with a laugh.

“Yeah, yeah, mind like a rubberband, stretch it until it snaps. But really, why Earth, Grandma?  I never in a million years thought I would find myself on this plane of existence.  No wonder I fell asleep on the plane ride.  It takes so much energy just to get through to the normal inhabitants here.  But why are there so many Magicals here?”

“All of life is magic, my Dear-uh.”  Grandma tickles Snacks and he starts to smile.

“What I mean is, two cubs recognized us.”  Red states.

“Oh, that was just the whole Food Markets. You know it’s the hood for Magicals these days, plus they always have daily specials.”  Grandma answers.

Red looks out of the carriage.  “You mean, that chair sent us to another dimension?”

“Yes dear-uh.”

“So let me get this straight: we took a plane ride to the whole Food Markets at lunch time to connect to a chair which took us to a carriage on Earth?”  Red says in shock.

“Is the magic of life still surprising?  I would think that as ‘Creation’s Greatest Psychic’ these things wouldn’t surprise you.  You are a wonderful Mystic you know?”  Grandma says, her eyes growing narrow.

“No surprise really Grandma U.  The Universe cannot surprise me, I mean, it’s all brand new and familiar each time, pleasant surprises really, I just can’t make sense why we’d be on Earth.”  Red says leaning closer to the screen looking at the 3D image.

“Well Hello Dear-uh!” Grandma U. says to Snacks who is now awake.

“Grandma Universe!”  Snacks exclaims and gives her a hug.  “Did you hear?  Naps’ second litter was 15.  We’ve 27 ratlings now.” Snacks states, ever the proud father.

“Your royal line shall one day be in every dimension, my beloved and Grand Child.”  Grandma U. replies.

“We’re on Earth Snacks.”  Red says cutting the cheer.

“Earth?” Snacks seems just as shocked as Red.  He climbs out of Grandma’s lap and runs over to look out the window.

“Gentlemen, I brought you both to Earth because we must save it from destroying itself.”  Grandma U. states.

“Okay.” Red replies.

“That’s easy enough.  We saved Del Bell, Out and In-Verse, and gosh, Red, the list is long isn’t it?”  Snacks chimes in sitting back.

“That’s what thousands upon thousands of lives will do, old boy.”  Red answers, his eyes glowing a faint green, deep in thought.

Red pulls out a Tarot Deck from a pocket on his coat.  He waves his fingers and a cloth with black and white stars appear.  The deck shuffles itself and lays out a spread.

“Hmmm, looks like we’ll see danger.”  Red begins.

Snacks yawns, stretches, and eases back in the seat.

“Zombies.  Bleh, last I heard, Earth was obsessed with Zombie movies.” Red continues.

“Get your mind out of the cracks and focus my Dear-uh.  Keep reading the cards.”  Grandma U. guides.

Snacks lets out a chuckle.

“And, Seashells ?!?!” Red says shocked at the last part.

“All in time, but only can you see and feel what it means fully as you live each moment.”  Grandma U. answers cryptically.

“The Seashells of Compassion and Kindness…”  Snacks says as the screen shows them both.

“As you know, a Seashell sings to the ears and if listened to truly, the voice of the Great Spirit, a song, a melody, can be felt.  In the oldest of times, the Great Spirit separated the first Seashell into two parts, Compassion and Kindness, a magical creation which held the two key ingredients to Love.”  Grandma U. began.  “The Seashell of Compassion was hidden away in between the stars before it made its home on Earth’s Moon.  The location of the Seashell of Kindness was never revealed for safety.”

“Why must we get the Seashells, Grandma?” Snacks asks.

“Because of Sir I imagine.”  Red answers holding a card with a mirror showing the moving image of sinister looking figure with a long nose.

“That silly, dirty, Devil-Bag of…” Snacks exclaims.

“Yup, that’s the D-Bag, Snacks.” Red cuts his small Friend’s giant tirade.

“Uh-huh.  That one.  You remember him Red?”  Grandma asks.

“Well do I.  I remember on one of the first Journeys you called me on, he showed up in different forms to try and woo me away from walking the path and from being present to my surroundings.”  Red stated, squeezing his staff and his eyes starting to glow red.

“Save your energy for the Journey my Dear-uh and remember those lessons.  They will serve you well.”  Grandma waved and a map rolled out in from of them with a small figure of Red and smaller figure of Snacks on a path, the road unfolding ahead of them.

“There are a number of ways that you can get to the portal which will take you to the Moon. Stay on your toes because while Sir can’t go through a portal or near the shells, he’s recruited a great number and made many more mindless…”

“I can’t stand Zombies.”  Snacks said shaking his little fist.

“Save your energy as well dear Lord Snacks.  You’ll both have your opportunity to settle a few scores.  Focus.”  Grandma said this time a bit more sternly.

“Sorry Grandma.”  Red and Snacks said in unison.     “What do the crystals say, Red?”  Grandma asks.

Red runs his hand along his sleeve, turns his hand over, and produces two pink crystals.  He tosses them in the air and they start spinning faster than anything ever spun!

“More danger.  Okay, tell us something new.  Crows.  Expected that.  Human children?  We are to unite the shells so that…

“The Children dream.”  Grandma U. says, her glasses pushing themselves up.  “For the Greatest Psychic, you ignore a great many signs.  It’s why you’ve not yet earned your role as a Mystic…”

“I’m this close.” Red holds up his fingers very close. “This close to finishing my book.  You after all told me to keep writing.”  Red throws both hands in the air.

“Easy there Dear-uh.  I’m just pointing out the obvious you know.  You’ll finish it when you do.  And have you considered that you need to experience a few more elements of the tunnel before you see the Light?”  Grandma says calmly.

“I know Grandma, I just want to get on with my writing.  Being Psychic has always been a part of me but my passion is elsewhere, currently writing.  You know that.”  Red states.

“It is, he’s up like this every night.” Snacks says re-enacting Red falling asleep while writing.

They all let out a great laugh.  “Aww, if you can’t laugh and make life a comedy, it’s only a tragedy now isn’t it?”  Grandma asks.  “And you know in your Heart, that you love your service to others Red.  Now where were we?”

“Sir and humans…” Red states.

“Ah, yes.”  Grandma starts.  “Sir and the Society of Fear have stolen the Human ability to dream.  The Magicals never forget and there are a number of humans who are waking up, but as The Messenger of the Mystical, Red, you must unite the shells so that the human Heart can heal and dream once again.”

“A world without dreams is not a world that I want any of my children to grow up in…”  Snacks states.

“That Society, crushing dreams now, eh?”  Red says, his eyes glowing a soft blue light, illustrating the great pain he can feel as he tunes in and feels the death of dreams of children, young and old alike, the collective Heart withering.

“Feel it fully and remember your own pain Red.”  Grandma says.  “Keep your Heart open from you experience with finding and letting go of Joy, that lesson will serve you greatly as you set out in this next leg of the Journey.”

Red’s eyes stop glowing and he claps his hands and the crystals and the cards put themselves away.

Snacks claps and a pea pops up in front of him.  He takes a bite and looks out the window.

“Any others on the Journey?” Red asks.

“You know what they say, many are called, few are chosen, even fewer answer either way.”  Grandma says reaching into her bag and producing a Golden Key.  “Take this in case you need it, you’ll be surprised how many doors a simple key can open.”

The Golden Key floats over to sit itself in Red’s breast pocket.  Red reaches up and touches the place and the pocket disappears.

“Good touch.”  Snacks says.

Red winks at his companion and looks over at Grandma.  “Grandma.”

“Yes Dear-uh?” She replies.

“If it’s all Love, why does Fear prevail in some worlds?”  Red asks.

“We, all, everything that is created, even that little bee over there and the big tree over there, we are all One, all Love, and connected by the Invisible Thread to the Great Spirit.  But that doesn’t mean that everyone remembers or chooses to remember.  Part of Fear’s job is to keep people in check.”

“But it’s so unnecessary…” Red replies.

“Everything has a role and Fear and the Ego part of the mind, even the Voice of the Heart, all play their roles very well.  You just have to keep waking beings up Dear-uh.  Besides you can’t have the sweet without the sour.”   Grandma states.

“You know why you had to go through what you did.  It was for all beings as much as it was for you.  Your soul signed up for it if you’ll remember…” She followed up.

“I know, just reflecting on how Fear played its part in my own life.  How it paralyzed me from being present in the best parts, the things I loved the most about life…”  Red answered.

“You’ll have your time when you do.  And you wouldn’t be the Psychic and budding Mystic, or what’s that other thing, oh yes, the writer that you are.  All things come in Divine Timing, Dear-uh.”  Grandma says.

Snacks chuckles, “Ha, ha!  What’s that other thing?”

“Well, it’s been fun but it’s time I get rid of both of you.  I need to get a nap in.  I love sleep you know?”  Grandma says.

Snacks waves and before Red can say anything they are sitting in the chair on the rooftop.

“She sure can make an entrance… and an exit.”  Snacks exclaims.

“No doubt.  Look.” Red points over to a giant metal bathtub and a bottle with a message floating around it.



Introducing: The Tales of Mr. E. and The King

From my tale for Children of All ages.

The Tales of Mr. E. and The King

By: Jason M.A. Walter (JMAW)
Chapter One – The Enchanted Tree

A Hawk flies through the dark of night, the darkness only broken up by the rhythmic pulse of Lady Lightning and her fingers.  He flies with purpose and has flown across many lands, through many planes of existence.  There’s been a call and the Hawk is to summon the One.

The Hawk tires, long has he flown, through many lives, not just as the Hawk, but as a man, as a beast, as creatures of a thousand names.  The Hawk knows this landscape though.  The destination is near.  The black fields of ancient volcanic flows, long settled open up finally to a giant crater, The Crater Where All Life Began.  There in the center of the Crater is the mythical Enchanted Banyan, a tree some say was the first tree ever created, at the same time a seed and a dream of the Great Spirit that made all things began to dream of itself…

Lady Lightning dares not enter The Crater Where All Life Began, not because she is not welcome, but because its inhabitants, or shall we say, its largest inhabitant, likes to admire her for inspiration from a distance and an unspoken agreement do they have.

The Hawk looks deep and sees a swarm of fireflies lighting the way for him and sees a very small figure awaiting him on a branch.

“Snacks…” the Hawk says as he sees the Hairless Rat and three other rats behind him.  The Hawk swoops in and makes his landing in front of the rats, the Hairless Rat, not budging, the other three making their way back into the shadows.

“Lord Snacks.” the Hawk greets the Rat with a bow of the head.

“Hawk, Master of the Skies.”  Snacks replies as he walks over and pats the beak of the Hawk.

“I’ve brought an urgent message for The Poet.”  The Hawk tosses a scroll over to Snacks.

“Poet?  That what he’s known as these days?  Oh he is going to love that they call him that.  He’s much more partial to the writing then the psychic and magic business.”  Snacks jokes as he scoops up the scroll.

“If only the Worlds knew that its Greatest Psychic aspired to be a writer.”  The Hawk said shaking his head.  “Wish a great many his intuitive ability…”

“It is what it is.  We’ve all dreams of some sort or another and a service as well, the service takes precedence, ultimately he believes that… but you know Red.”  Snacks replied.  “Please make yourself at home, my wife and the girls set up a nest for you in the highest branch of the Tree.”

“Much Gratitude my Lord.  Long traveled have I.  The kindness of the line of Snacks is known worlds over.” The Hawk answers.

“Well, you know what they say about rats being loving and all.”  Snacks brushes the compliment off.  “Now off we both go.”  Snacks leaps off the branch and the Hawk flaps his wings and heads up in the vast tree.

Snacks swings through some of the hanging roots of the Banyan, making his way with ease to the base.  He lets go lands against the trunk of the tree to scurry the rest of the way.  A light coming from below is his destination…

The light is coming from a hut, a simple dwelling made of bamboo, only large enough for but an occupancy of one or two, though this hut was quite magical as it was home to a cast of 29 characters.  It is here that Snacks lives with his wife, Naps, a Fancy Rat with a sleek black coat, and their 25 children.  While that accounts for 27 little characters, there remains but two more…

Snacks climbs through a little window and heads towards one more member of the household, a monkey with a mane like that of a lion, small squared glasses, and some of the finest garments the eye ever beheld, a mixture between a suit and something that couldn’t be real, could it?

Snacks scurries up the table leg where the monkey is drifting to sleep, quill in hand, moving somehow.

“Red.”  Snacks calls out nudging the monkey’s arm to no avail but the quill keeps moving.

“Red!” Snacks yells and monkey does not budge.

“He’s going to hate this…” Snacks says, opening his mouth and taking a bite into Red’s finger.

“AWW! What gives Snacks?”  Red yells shaking his hand as he is stirred awake.

Snacks tosses the scroll over and it opens up and floats in front of Red’s face.  Red snatches the scroll from the air and reads it.


The Poet,

Also known as Red E. Now,

Also known as Creation’s Greatest Psychic,

Also known as all the Worlds Greatest Psychic,

Also known by too many names similar to those above,

But who shall always be The Messenger of the Mystical:

RE: The Call

You are being called on the Journey, my Dear-uh!

Love you much,

Grandma U.

Red looks over at Snacks, who is eating some cheese and bread, left over from Red’s plate.  Naps hates it when Snacks leaves but Red couldn’t possibly undertake the Journey without Snacks, could he?

Red rolls up the scroll and tucks it in his pocket.  He tries to turn away non-chalantly.  “Think I might take a stroll outside, Snacks.  Get the light will you?”  Red grabs a hooded cloak, a red-feathered ball cap with an Ace of Diamonds in it and walks outside.

“For Greatest Psychic being amongst his title, one would think he would be more subtle in his exits.” Snacks says stuffing another morsel in his mouth.  Snacks closes his eyes and leaps off the table, landing on a nearby bookshelf.  He makes his way down the shelf and around the back.  There at the base lies his Kingdom.

“I have some peas and carrots on the table.” Naps says grooming Spot, a fast growing lad.

“Going to have to pass Mum.”  Snacks says.

“I figured with all the to-do over The Hawk’s arrival.  I packed a few of your favorite things in your pack, it’s by the door.”  Naps replied, putting Spot down and walking over to her husband.  They nuzzle and Snacks gives her a lick.

“You bring him back.”  Naps says.

“Really?  No good luck, be careful, I’ll miss you.  But bring him back.”  Snacks says in shock.

“Oh, Babe!” Naps says.  “I believe in you.  It’s Red that I worry about.  You know how he can get stuck in the crack in his mind sometimes.”

“True.  That mind of his, tormented albeit brilliant.”  Snacks replies.  They say their last good-byes and Snacks hurries out across the floor of the bamboo home.  He makes it outside and sees Red on one knee looking up at the sky.  Snacks runs over and climbs up into Red’s hood.

“… and thank you for another day.  And may all the hungry Souls of the many planes of each and every of the worlds be nourished.”  Red finishes his ritual.  Red looks over his shoulder at Snacks and asks, “So nice of you to join me, no biting on this next part, eh?”

Snacks laughs and Red’s eyes start to glow with a White Light.  He turns his head, a mischievous look in his eyes and points his staff ahead, the end of it glowing bright green like Red’s eyes and portal opens right in front of them.

“As many times as we’ve done this Red, it still excites me!” Snacks exclaims.

“As well it should good Friend.” Red says.  “Alright, let’s see where the Invisible Thread takes us this time.  Hold on…”

Reds walks through and the two disappear as the portal closes behind them.