Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Phantoms

IMO, the word phantom is more appealing than the word ghost and sits a little more deeply than shadows.  Soooooo, I shall discuss phantoms…

I think it’s necessary because I only recently became aware/accepted that I was in spiritual crisis for two decades.  And from observation, it is my opinion the world is in spiritual crisis on the micro and macro levels of all the systems that make it up (individual, family, community, country, global).

I’ve chatted about mirrors in poetry and blogs, waxed on and waxed off about oneness, strive to remove my attachment/judgment to words such as douche because I see how I range in vibration from unconditional love/Metta (loving-kindness) to not Metta, to being so at ease with my feelings (even from rage to sadness) that others feel better just by sitting with me or talking with me, to being so intense I am so hard to be around, that it drives others away.  I’m okay with all of that.  I am in a place where I like my phantoms and I embrace my Nature because when I look at Nature, I get answers.

Nature gives answers because we came from Nature.  God may have chosen different people to speak on a broad scale (or they chose to share their experience with God’s cosmic consciousness) but I think, feel, see that God speaks through Nature each day, in every way.  In each season, we can find valuable lessons.  The water that gives us life, we can find comfort, be cleansed/refreshed.  While fire is so useful, it can also destroy, kind of like Love if you think about it.

I was reading some of Krishnamurti’s lectures the other night and he expanded on the idea that: what is, is.  He was sharing that we often try to suppress parts of us (the animal) which are just a part of who we are.  Rather than allow, embrace, we try to change.  How can we change what we don’t understand is beautiful as it is?  I think seeing the beauty in that helps us to transcend an unbalanced condition and see the miracle of life as just that, a miracle.

And then we have the Dark Night of the Soul…  But you know, in nature, at night the stars come out and twinkle twinkle.  It’s dark as sh!t in some places and that can be scary.  But through the darkness, there is an infinite amount of something bright above, embracing us in all its grace and beauty piercing that pitch, shining through the Dark.

Phantoms, our darkness is everywhere but rather than turn a cold shoulder to it, I feel it important to acknowledge and embrace for as a great teacher once said: remove the timber from thine own eye before removing the speck from thy brother’s eye.  I think if we can take the time to work on that timber, embrace the phantoms and their shadows as they are mirrored all around us, then we can exhibit unconditional love and meet anyone on their level.

Worth a try… Why not?  Our phantoms can either haunt us or we can treat them like those pimped out cars and enjoy the experience of the ride.


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