Adventures in Urban Mysticism: The Plane Has Been Grounded

JMAW Flight 808 had to land, not by choice, at least consciously.  Or was it?  DUN DUN DUN!  Seeing as how I can retrace my steps and thoughts, I realize, I may have put this current situation in order based on not watching my thoughts carefully, I can conclude that I am a Creator of circumstance, not a victim, because this is all my doing based on the different thoughts I was throwing around in the days leading up.

I know.  I know, you’re tired of my waxing philosophical and want me to get to how the plane landed.  Well, without further ado, I got rear-ended (no damage) while leaving a parking structure after an abysmal night of readings two Fridays ago.  I knew I had to rest or took it as a sign (because I had been getting physically kicked in the figurative junk in training) so I took the next day to just relax and let my body chill.  One day.  And of course two days later, I decide I’m ready and go back to an early morning Jiu-Jitsu class, hydrate minimally, and end up tearing my calf, in warm-ups of course.  It was an awesome warm-up too.  I was leading it and decided to make it more intense than our normal warm-up, which had I done, probably would have been okay.  So now, in what is most likely a Grade Two Strain (I speculate because I haven’t been checked out yet because I thought this would be the same as the other times), where part of the muscle fibers tear, I find myself hobbling and slowly moving and unable to train indefinitely, not to mention walk normally. I am not beating myself up over this and  the had I only waited because this is a recurring injury now (3rd time, worst time) and it’s taught me a lot about what I need to work on in terms of maintaining optimal function (stretching my calf because each injury appears to shorten it, strengthen my calves equally so this doesn’t happen again, get my alignment worked on again because this hip gets compacted and I end up with a slight difference in how the weight is distributed, etc).

This is painful.  Like pretty high up there from what I’ve felt including tearing open my knee (skateboarding), ribcage tattoos (three), heartache (this makes that seem passing because I realized in the last year that I can control where I focus my attention).  BUT, I have my moments where I’m like, damn this sucks, and pain once again has served as my greatest teacher, thank you. Hi-5!  Kinda sorta not really but yeah…

A couple things come to mind: like be flexible in expecting the unexpected of life.  The secondary big thing is to be open to changing plans in an instant (kind of playing off the previous).  And lastly, it’s all good if the plane has to land from time to time, even for an intense MoFo like me.

Anyhow, I’d like to give a shout out to Phiten, without their compression sleeve and calf thing, the swelling probably wouldn’t have gone down as well as it has (and I used their tape the first two times and that did wonders in accelerating the healing).


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