Adventures in Urban Mysticism: Complete?

“I feel 95% complete.”  JMAW

I sat there in almost a role reversal.  I was with my former teacher, listening to her current frustration in not being able to manifest a new place, wanting it to happen immediately versus when it does.  Then I said those words out of the blue, like a reminder for both her and I.  I recalled the words of my former student telling me that when my arm sleeve was done, I would feel complete.

One more session.  We began it in May.  It concludes in a week.  This tattoo tells my personal myth, how undertaking the Spiritual Journey and walking in blind Faith through spiritual crisis, as hard as it was at times, sticking with it brought me home within.   I had to go through the looking glass, encounter my animal spirit, grapple with all the energy of my psyche, submit, work with it, hug it.  I had to see that the pressures of living are there to shape the the diamond that exists within each facet and shape life takes.

It’s funny because even today, I walk in Spirit strong, but in body with a limp, the calf tear painfully marking step.  It’s as though the roles have reversed there as well.  A year ago my body was okay but inside, within I was torn apart.  It wasn’t just the culmination of the illusion I bought into for happiness dissolving time and time again, it was thousands upon thousands of lifetimes of the Soul, thousands upon thousands of experiences in this lifetime, that carried a wound that needed tending.  A disconnect from the Source, from the well-spring of Love that is everywhere when one allows it…

Each piece to this tattoo is another part of the ritual.  In July of last year, my life was torn apart by the storm that is the Flow.  The Diamond Thief of my Soul sneaking out to shake it up, knowing what the future held and painting signs along the way for my conscious mind just to Flow with it.

One more year has passed in my life and each year it gets better and better.  I feel it in my health, my attitude towards life.  I have gone beyond being hopeful.  I have gone beyond belief: I now know… who I am.  I don’t know how life will be but trust that life will carry me through whatever unfolds because the worst thing that happened yet, that I could have imagined did, and I made it through, better inside than I ever dreamed.

So here I stand, lol, with a walking stick in hand, this segment of my journey near complete.  In essence, we are always complete.  It is always there but it takes walking through the journey and taking the untrodden turns to remember the energy that makes up who we really are: magical beings and powerful spirits.

I don’t know what tomorrow holds.  The future is uncertain.  But no matter what, I believe I will guided back home, to the Now and be okay wherever I am in life.

Mahalo ke Akua.

It may be one more session, the journey will continue, but my personal myth and how I found God, found Love, found myself, episode one, is already complete.  Then I’ll add to it as we go…

Note: from Tumblr

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